Just Another Joe Jonas Love Story (Part 1)

Hey! I hope you enjoy my brand new Joe Jonas love story, haven't made one in what seems like forever! Enjoy <3

Chapter 1

Joe Jonas (part 1)

It was once again another bright sunny day in western Beverly Hills. As you're going down 3rd Avenue and Pine you see all the preppy cars and people scattering the sidewalks. Honestly you had no desire to pretend to be someone you weren't. Being 18 years old and being kicked out of your house, just because your mom's new boyfriend didn't like you, yeah that hurts. Shows how much your mother cared about you. Oh and your dad? Yeah, he is pretty much wanted by all the policeman of Orange County. But you had no problems with being alone and living in an apartment, paying with only your weekly paychecks. You pulled into the Walgreens you work at. You walk in and see one of your friends you had made from working here, Darla. Now Darla isn't exactly a typical 18 year old girl. She is actually 41 years old and does part time pedicures at this place called "Toes" down the street. She is basically the mother you've never had. Oh and my name? Its, Annie. But most people just call me Ann. Now working at Walgreens isn't exactly classy.. but it pays the bills and can sometimes be quite interesting. Like one time this old man came in and asked if he could buy me a drink. I said no thanks, but like the idiot he was he literally went over to the liquor section, popped open some wine and poured it all over me. It was quite disgusting, but I was sent home the rest of the day, thank God! Anyways as I walk in, Darla runs over to me and gives me kisses on both of my cheeks. "ohh Ann, you won't believe what Chester did to me" she said in her southern drawl. Oh and if your wondering who Chester is.. its her on and off boyfriend of 6 years. I sigh "what happened this time" Darla's eyes got all wide eyed as she went into detail on how he brought home Burger King for their 6th Anniversary. You had to laugh at this, I mean honestly Darla was hilarious when she told stories! Finally she went to go work in the back room. You put on the stupid apron that read "Walgreens, I'm friendly how can I help you?" I mean really, how stupid is that? That is exact opposite of what you were by any means. A couple hours into the job you see someone out of the corner of your eye. You look to where you saw it but the person went behind a rack. He emerges and is coming right toward the counter. Now on a regular day, you wouldn't be so strongly affected but you were really attracted to this dark haired, brown eyed beauty of a man. He had some facial hair and was wearing compression shorts. So now you were really getting nervous. He set down the energy drink on the counter and smiled. You managed to ask him if he had found everything alright. He nodded, and just kept looking at you with those dazzling eyes. You looked down to see your hands were violently shaking and you were hoping and praying that he couldn't hear your heart pounding. You grabbed the drink and were about to scan it when your stupid hands dropped the drink onto the counter where red liquid squirted all over the stupid apron and your face. The sexy man bursts out in laughter and you feel your face growing redder then the liquid. After he helps you clean up he introduces himself as "Joe". You smile and manage to bleep out "Annie"
. He smiles, "well Annie.. call me sometime". He slips you a card and before he goes through the door, he yells "Bye Shaky!" You laugh and shake your head in embarrassment. Darla hurries over. "Girl, that guy had the hots for you" "ohh Darla" you say. "He did not" she shakes her head up and down. Then she winks and leaves before you can say anything else...


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