This poem was actually inspired by the name of an album by my favourite band :) Its called Venus Doom. It just got me thinking, so I decided to write a poem from it :) This is basically what I think Venus Doom means (when you read it, keep in mind that Venus is supposed to be where women are from, and so women are Venus in a way :) so ENJOY :) I hope you like it, and feel free to comment :) I'll happily take advice :)

Chapter 1

I Am Venus Doom

by: JustSmile
I am no saint
You know this is true
I'll watch you burn
I'll rip you in two.

Your love is like poison
It's a painful delight
I will watch you die
I'll kill you at night.

I cause you to suffer
Your dead love won't bloom
You love me and hate me
I am Venus Doom.

My love is like daggers
My heart is like stone
You are caught in my web
Be forever alone.

Your pain is like pleasure
I smile from strong joy
Watching you struggle
Your heart is my toy.

You forever will love me
Like locked in a tomb
I will love you and kill you
I am Venus Doom.


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