Just Another Joe Jonas Love Story (Part 2)

I hope you all are having a great summer so far! Comment if you would like, thanks so much for reading.. means a lot! ♥

Chapter 1

Part 2

The next few days couldn't of went any slower. You kept going back and forth on whether to call Joe or not. I mean what in the world would you say?! You just stared at his card, day and night. You flipped it over and gasped at what you saw. It was a picture of three brothers, performing for a huge audience. Now you knew why he looked so familiar.. he was not just Joe.. he was Joe Jonas. Now there was even more debating to do. If you called him, you might humiliate yourself. But if you do call, then this could offer you a relationship of a lifetime. But you ended up not being able to make a choice because your phone starts to vibrate. You break out in an instant sweat when you realize its the number off of the card! You answer "hello?" Joe- "Annie! I thought that crazy woman gave me the wrong number! You- "umm crazy woman?" Joe- he laughs "someone named Darla?" You- you sigh "oh gosh, she gave you my number, ugh. Joe- "oh, sorry if a pretty girl like you doesn't want a guy like me calling you" You- you laugh "well thank you." Joe- "I am just going to cut to the chase.. I know I have like no idea who you are except that you are insanely cute. But I would like to meet up at a park or something tomorrow?" You- your heart begins to pound, once again. "Yes, totally! Summer Park?" Joe- "hmm your a good park picker, and if this was sent through a text I would of put a wink." You- you laugh, "I'll meet you there around 2? Joe- "I would love that, see you there Annie the beautiful.. bye" You hang up and start jumping up on your bed. AHHH!! You felt quite childish, but who cares.. you had a date with JOE JONAS! For once you were thankful that Darla was bold enough to give you him your number.. you were very curious what this new beginning could lead to.. To be Continued!


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