Starkid. The Start of My Life. ( A Joey Richter Love Story)

This story is about my life as a starkid and the challenges it caused. I turn nineteen and my friends, Sam and Tara take me to six flags. And if you dont know anything about Starkid then you might wanna look em up first. Your name is Bella Parson.

And i wanna give a shout out to Iluvnevillelongbottom aka Hamster_Kisses for helping me with the start of the story.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I live in Illinois and they decided that we go to six flags and listen to people sing and do stuff. We were at the stage thing listening to some horrifing bad girl sing a jonas song. S: Hey Bella you should go sing. T: You should. M: But I. S: Sing i got you. You know that song front to back. M: I guess. They push me on stage. M: Uh Hi. Im Bella and im gonna sing I got You. There were a lot of people there and it was really sunny. They find the kareoke on youtube and it starts.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . .
i finish the song, bow, and go back to my friends. M: So lets go ride so- guys. Is that Joey Ricther walking toward us? Tara looks around. T: O M W G yup. S: Do you think they heard you. M: I dont know. Guys act natural maybe he isnt- and he has Lauren Holden and Bonnie with him. And they are all looking at me. Oh god his jaw is cuter in person. Ok lets start a conversation. T: You did really good. Im not joshing you. S: She's right. You were great. Oh and happy birthday. M: Thanks. J: Excuse me. M: Yea. J: Are you Bella? M: Depends on whos asking. J: Right. Im Joey Ricther and these are my friends Lauren Lopez Brian Holden and Bonnie Gruesson. M: Then yes I am Bella. J: You are a great singer. M: Thanks. S: Hey Bels. Will be over there getting ice cream. She told me giving me a 'tell me later' look. M: Okey Dokey. L: Have you heard of StarkidPotter. M: Yea, suprised you didn't notice my friends shades. L: Well since Joey is lost for words we were wondering if you wanted to be in our next play? M: Um when do i have to go to Chicago? B: Next friday at the latest. We can give you a room at the manor. M: Sure why not. It was nice meeting you. how long are you going to be at six flags? J: Well our quest is over we have been listening to singers for three hours trying to find a good one. H: Can we hang with you and get to know you. M: Lemme go talk to my friends. I walk over the ice cream stand. T: What happened. M: They asked me to be in there next play i said yes now they wanna hang here. S: Yes. T: Yes. M: K. I walk back over. M: Sure. But they might act a but stupid its my 19th bday today and all so. yea. J: Well happy birthday Bella. M: Thanks. The rest of the day i hang with them and my friends and i would say they liked me. The REAL me.

Sorry its so short. It is the first chapter and this sorta got to the major part of the story. Hope you liked it!!! ~~~~Hugs and butterfly kisses Bella!

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