My one true love.

umm............ well i wrote this because i was bored.

Chapter 1

The First Meeting

I drove my bike up to the front of the school. The rumbling stopping as I turned the ignition off. I take off my helmet making my long jet black hair fall out. My tight black jeans sliding off the seat without problem. "Hey Nikki!" ,my friends yell,"hows was your summer?""Great how was yours?""wonderful."* We checked our classes to see if we had any together. We all cheered at the fact we had the same classes. "Come on lets go find our lockers""ok". We walked down to to everyones lockers. We got to Bio in time for the bell. I sat in the back first, Ella, Nina,Jane ,Zyzi following close by. For 45 minutes they sat at the desks passing notes. The last one said:Did you see the new kid? No what about you? Yeah he is hot. I thought to myself huh hot by nina's standers is not really. The whole day I tried to forget about him. But something wouldn't let me. 6th period I had a free block. To take my mind off things I took out my book to read. I was so into the book that when the bell rang sounding the end of school it made me jump out of my skin. My friends and I cought up to go hang out at the new mall. I looked in bag for my walet. A curse rise in my throut. " be back left my walet in my locker" I left my friends on the steps outside, ran to my locker. I turned the combo reached in and got it. I turned around while putting my walet in the bag. I was looking at the bottom of my bag for my keys that i didn't see the boy in front of me. I ran smack into him spilling my whole bag on the tiled floor. The curses I held in for the day came out in a rush."Wow do you kiss your mother with that mouth?" My head whipped up at to locate the home of the voice. What i found was eyes made of the ocean in the moring. " Umm.....wouldn't you like to know" I look around me again, muttering some more curses. Making ocean for eye smile even more. " Here let me help you" I didn't really care anymore. At last we finshed. " Names Shane. whats yours?" I start to get up, but he hules me to my feet. I see that i come up to his chin."I'm Nikk, but my friends call me Nikki" I look at my watch seeing that i have been in here for ten minutes." I got to go bye" I yell over my sholder as i flew down the hallway. My friends look kind of upset. So I tell them the story. On the way to the mall on my bike i get text. Hey its Shane. I put my info in your phone and the same with yur phone. Text me later

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