Tearing Me Apart (A Justin Bieber and Christian Beadles love story)

I hope you like it. Heads up it may be a little suckish cuz this is my first story but enjoy!!!!!!! :)
O and sorry it's so short.... The next ones will be longer!

Chapter 2


We got through security and went on our 5 hour flight. I listened to my iPod the whole time shuffling through my Justin Bieber songs. We got off the plane and caught a taxi to our house. Our new house was still a surprise to me. I had never seen it before. When we arrived my mom told me to close my eyes and she guided me up the driveway. When she finally let me open them I saw a huge mansion!!!!!! "How in the world did you afford all this????" I screamed. "Working as a lawyer has it's perks honey. I may not get to see you all the time but it pays pretty well" I screamed again and ran oberon to her and gave her a bear hug. "I have to admit this is pretty awesome even though it's not New York" I said. My mom smiled. We both ran inside with our luggage and I looked around. It had a huge pool in the back and 6 bedrooms!!!! " Sweetie you might not like this but I just got called in to go to my new work place...... You can either stay here or drive your new car downtown" she says smiling. "I think I'll...." I start to say without even realizing what she just said. "A NEW CAR!!!!!" "Mhmmm" I give her a hug and run outside to the car. It's a corvette.  She passes me the keys and says "Knock yourself out" so I get in and start driving.

I drive all the way downtown and look at all the exciting parts of Hollywood. There are paparazzi everywhere!!!!! It must be hard for celebrities to get around without being seen. I keep driving until I see a sign that says "Singing Competition: Winner Gets Signed by Justin Bieber" OMG I'm a great singer and I'm in loveeeee with Justin Bieber! I stop the car and run in. I run to the person at the front desk and ask them " Is it too late to sign up for the singing competition?" he smiles. " No but your the last entry. You came just in time. Just fill out this form and go back stage" OMG YAYYYY!!!! I'm soooo gonna win this! I rush to fill out the form and run backstage where hair, makeup, and wardrobe is taking place. Everyone is running around frantically while names are being called to go onstage. Finally, it's my turn. I walk out with shaky hands and start singing........

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