Tearing Me Apart (A Justin Bieber and Christian Beadles love story)

I hope you like it. Heads up it may be a little suckish cuz this is my first story but enjoy!!!!!!! :)
O and sorry it's so short.... The next ones will be longer!

Chapter 4

Justin Bieber

The next day was frantic! Me and my mom ran around getting everything ready for my recording. I put on a really cute blue and white striped top and some jean short shorts. Then I applied eyeliner, mascara, and a light brush of blue eyeshadow. Then I topped it all off with some cotton candy lip gloss. "Are you ready" my mom asked? "Ready as I'll ever be" I reply. Then we go outside and get in the car. 
The recording studio is huge!!!!!!! There is about 25 floors!!!!! a security guard assorted us up to the 19th floor where I would be recording. When we got up there Justin was waiting for us. He looked me up and down with his mouth wide open and then said "Ummm uh well uh welcome to your new recording studio umm... What's your name?" he managed to stutter out. "Nicolette" I say with a huge grin on my face. "Most people call me Nicky though" I stick out my hand for him to shake and he says "Well Nicky, it's very nice to meet you.
Justins POV:
She is gorgeous!!!!!! I couldn't stop staring at her the whole time!!!!!! When she shook my hand it felt like electricity went up my spine! Not only that but boy can she sing! It was like an angel was singing. She left an hour ago after we exchanged numbers and I still can't stop thinking about her. "Hey Justin" holy crap. That scared me. I turn around and standing in the doorway is Christian. "Oh hey. You scared me" he laughs. "Yeah you were off in another world there. You like that girl that just came in don't you?" just at that moment I get a text:
"Hey it's Nicky. Want to do dinner?"
"Yes!!!" I scream a little too loud. "Whoa someones excited" Christian says. "Shut up" I say. Then I text her back saying "Wud luv to. Pick u up at 8?" she replies "Sounds good, c u then" 
I run upstairs and have Christian help me decide what to wear.

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