Tearing Me Apart (A Justin Bieber and Christian Beadles love story)

I hope you like it. Heads up it may be a little suckish cuz this is my first story but enjoy!!!!!!! :)
O and sorry it's so short.... The next ones will be longer!

Chapter 48

Big Time Rush:)

Chapter 48:

I woke up to my phone ringing. Again? Really? This is the second time this week. But this time it wasn't Justin. It was Carlos from Big Time Rush. "Hey there" I said. "Did I wake you up?" he asked. "Well yeah but I'm already awake sooo" "Oh well I'm sorry" "It's fine. What'd ya need?" "Well you know that part on the show I talked to you about" "Yeah, I remember" "Well I talked it over with the producers and they are so excited to have you on the show!" "O my god! Really?" "Yep and the only thing is, we've been searching for the right girl to do this and we want to get started like right away so do you think you could get to the studios around 10?" he asked. I looked at the clock. It was 9:30. "They'll do my make up and everything there right?" "Yeah" "Then I can make it. I'll just steal my moms GPS and type in the address for the studios" "Alright see you soon" "Bye" I said. As soon as I hung up the phone, I jumped in the shower and took a five minute shower. Then I blow dried my hair, brushed it, grabbed a pop tart, and jumped in my car. I typed the address into the GPS and hit the road.

I got there a minute early. "You made it!" Kendall said when he saw me. "Sure did! But right now I look like a wreck!" "Nah you look fine. Just follow that hallway, take a right and the first door on your left will be where you do hair and makeup. Just follow us" James says. They all walk towards hair and makeup. I follow.

A half hour later, I look the best I've ever looked. Having a professional do your hair and makeup sure makes you look good. Then I got my script. 


Me: (to Mr. Bitters) "Hi, reservation for Elena Masters"

Mr.  Bitters: "Ah yes right here. Room 303 will be the room you'll stay in"

James: (to Kendall) "Our room is 302, she will be staying next to us"

Kendall: "Oh yeah, that is. Once she gets settled in we should go talk to her"

James: "Definitely"

Elena goes into the elevator and Kendall and James hop in with her.

James: (to Elena) "I couldn't help but over hear that you were staying in room 303. Well our room is 302 so we will probably be seeing a lot of each other"

Elena: "Really? Well my name is Elena Masters" (extends arm out for Kendall and James to shake)

James: "James Diamond...."

Kendall:  "And Kendall Knight"

Elena: "Well its nice to meet you" (elevator doors open)

James: "See you around" (they walk their separate ways"

Kendall: (after Elena is out of ear shot) "She seems nice" 

Later when Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan are hanging out in their room.

Kendall: "Oh yeah, me and James forgot to tell you guys but someone new is staying in the room next to us. Her name is Elena" 

Carlos: "Is she pretty?" 

James: "Very"

All boys nod in approval. Someone knocks on the door. Kendall opens it to reveal Elena.

Elena: "Hi sorry to interrupt but my air conditioning isn't working in my room and it's really hot. I was wondering if I could hang out in here with you guys for a little bit" 

Kendall: "Of course. Come on in"

Elena walks in and Kendall shuts the door behind her.

Kendall: "Elena, I'd like you to meet Logan and Carlos. Logan and Carlos, I'd like you to meet Elena"

Elena: "Nice to meet you"

There's a moment of awkward silence.

Elena: "Hey! Aren't you guys the band called Big Time Rush?"

Logan: "Yeah, you recognized us?"

Elena: "When I first saw Kendall and James I thought they looked familiar but I couldn't figure out why. I love your song If I Ruled the World! It's so catchy"

Kendall: "Thanks, it's one of our favorites too"

Elena's phone buzzes.

Elena: "I'm sorry to leave like this but my phone just reminded me I've got to shoot a scene for a new movie I'm starring in. Thanks for letting me hang out in here for a little though" (waves then exits)

The boys go to play video games. James seems to be out of it

Kendall: "James... Hello? Earth to James" (waves hand I front of face)

James: (snaps out of it) "Oh, sorry"

Logan: "Why are you so distant lately?"

Kendall: "I got this one. James, is in love with Elena"

James: "I am not!"

Carlos, Logan and Kendall: "Are too"

James: "Maybe a little"

Kendall: "Why don't you ask her out?"

James: "I am James Diamond, there's no way she'll say no"

Later that afternoon when Elena is sitting in the lobby reading a script. 

Elena: (looks up and sees James) "Oh hey!" (puts down script)

James: "You, me, date. Tonight. Five o'clock. See you then" (turns to leave)

Elena: "Um excuse me... Uh shouldn't you be asking if I actually want to go on this date?" 

James: (turns back around) "Well, I dont need to ask because I already know that you do" 

Elena: "Maybe before, but not anymore! You're being a jerk!"

James: "Are you serious? You must be insane? Why wouldn't you want to go on a date with James Diamond?" 

Elena: "That's why" (pointing at James. Then leaves)

That's the scene were doing today. We finish up and I pack up my stuff to leave.

"Nickyyyy! Where ya going?" James asked. "Homeee" I told him. "No! Don't leave us! Come with us to get pizza at our favorite pizza parlor!" I checked the time on my phone. (While doing that I also saw that I had a million texts from Matthew. He really hasn't learned yet) It was 4 o'clock. Justin can manage without me for another hour or so. "Yeah sure. Why not?!"

I followed them, in my car, to their favorite pizza parlor. It was this nice place called Georgino's. We got a both and sat down then ordered a large, meat eaters pizza. While waiting for it to arrive, we played truth or dare. I was up first. "Truth or dare?" Kendall asked me. "Uh.. Dare!" Kendall smirked. "I dare you, to lick the window" I looked to my right where the window was. James was also on my right, seperating me from the window. "Excuse me James" I said as I crawled over him. I licked the window and everyone grimaced. "Ewwww gross! I didn't think you'd actually do it" Logan said. "Well never underestimate me!" I said proudly. Carlos burped so I forced myself to burp as well. "Whoa! Carlos said. "I've never met a girl who can burp like that!" "Burping contest!" i yell out. The boys are pretty good, but no match for me! We all agree that I win. "Danggg girl! You're good!" James says then five seconds later our pizza arrives. We all dig in and under five minutes, the pizza is gone. "Yummmm" I say when I'm finished eating. "See, isnt it good?" James asked. I nod. "We come here every day after filming" Kendall says. "Fatties!" I say. "Hey! Not nice" Carlos says and pouts. Just then, we have the worst luck ever. A group of girls, I'm guessing a soccer team, enters the parlor and sees us sitting in the booth. "OMYGAWD!" they scream and run towards us. "Jump out the window!" Carlos yells. I thought he was kidding but apparently not. They open the window and jump out. I follow, laughing so hard I can't breath. "That's another reason we like coming here, they have an easy get away" Kendall tells me. "You guys are insane!" "Aw come on, ya know you love it!" James says. We run to our cars because the girls were starting to run out the door. "See ya next week!" Logan yells as we sprint away. I jump in my car and pull out quickly, then head home. I get there and see Justin sitting on my couch. "Ah there you are!" he says getting up and wrapping his arms around me. Then he gives me a kiss on the forehead. "Where have you been?" he asked. "Shooting the scene I'm in for Big Time Rush!" "Aha! Nice! So I'm assuming you hung out with them afterwards and that's why you didn't get home until now" (6:30) "Yep! Pretty much" We sat down on the couch and he turned on the TV. He put his arm around me then started flipping through the channels. "Stop!" I tell on one channel. "Kim Possible is on!!!!!!" He shakes his head. "You are such a kid" "But you love me anyways" "Eh... I'm not too sure about that" After a while of watching television, Justin asks "Hey Nicky... Can I have a kiss?" "No!" "Oh I believe I can!" I realize what he's talking about. I turn to him and give him a kiss. A very passionate kiss at that. Then the kiss gets deeper and I scoot closer to him, basically on his lap. But then of course, Logan walks into the room. "Yo! You two can NOT do that here. Or anywhere for that matter!" Then he looks at Justin. "But the  inappropriate guy side of me wants to say get it innnnn!" I shake my head. "Get outta here Logan" "Actually I think I gotta go" Justin says standing up. He gives me a kiss on the cheek. "See ya tomorrow. We should do something fun" I nod and he heads out the door. By now it's about 7:30 and I'm starving and tired so I eat some dinner and go to bed. And yes, I am a loser for going to bed at 8:30.

The next morning I wake up and I feel freezing. I also have the urge to vomit. Oh wait, here it comes. I jump out of bed and run to my bathroom. I make it just in time. I puke up all my dinner from last night. Oh great, I'm sick. What could I have gotten it from? Oh wait. I know. It's from when I licked the window probably... Smart. I throw my hair up in a ponytail then crawl under my covers. I pull out my phone and call justin. 

Justin: "Hey baby girl. Whatcha wanna do today?"

Me: "Justy Bear" I say sounding pathetic

Justin: "Nicky what's wrong?"

Nicky: "I'm sick"

Justin: "Awwww poor girl. I'll be over in a couple minutes to take care of you"

Nicky: "Thanks justin"

Justin: "No problem sweetheart"

I hang up the phone and crawl under the covers. Usually after you throw p with a stomach bug, you feel better, but not this time. 

My stomach hurts like crazy! And I barely notice when Justin gets here. He sits on my bed. "Aw baby girl, you look beautiful" I smile, knowing I look like poop. He strokes my face. But he pulls quickly away. "Dang! Your forehead is really really hot! I'm gonna go find a thermometer so we can take your temperature" He comes back and takes my temperature. "Oh my god. Nicky! We've gotta get you to the urgent care! Your fever is 105! That's insane!" I can barely open my eyes. "Really?! G-get Logan please. He can take us there" Justin picks me up and he walks into the room where Logan is. "We have to take her to the emergency room. Her fever is 105!" Logan jumps up and runs to get the keys. Then he throws on a jacket and rushes out the door. Justin follows him, still carrying me bridal style. We get in the back seat of the car and head to where ever. 

We get to the emergency room and I think the doctors run a bunch of tests on me. I don't really know what is going on. I'm really out of it and can't concentrate. Then Justin looks me straight in the eye and says. "Nicky, you have appendicitis. They have to remove it immediately" That's the last thing I remember before being escorted into an ambulance. I think Logan called mom and then we headed to the nearest hospital. They rush me in and take me into a room. I have two hours before the operation. 

They knock me out with some pain medication or drug or something, but whatever it is, I don't wake up until a long time later.

Justin's POV:

Her eyes flutter open. Finally! "Nicky, Nicky can you hear me" she nods slightly. I kiss her forehead. "The doctor said you're going to be in a lot of pain for a while. They say try not to talk too much. But you won't have to worry about that  because this medication makes you knocked out for a while. But I will be here, by your side, for every second of it" She smirks. "What happens if you have to pee?" she asks weakly. I shake my head. "Okay I guess that I won't be here every second. But you know what I mean" "Yes I do. And I appreciate it. But do you know where Logan is?" "Uhhh hes eating" "When is he not" She says. She tries to laugh but ends up coughing instead. "Shhhh. Why don't you just go back to sleep okay?" I say stroking her forehead. She nods and curls up into a comfy position. I kiss her forehead then leave the room to find Logan and her mom. But when I get out there, I find Matthew sitting in one of the chairs, his leg bouncing up and down nervously. I angrily walk over to him. "What the hell do you think you're doing here?" I ask him. He stands up. "I want to support Nicky through whatever she's going through even if she doesn't want me to. I'm never leaving her" "Just leave. Now. You're just going to cause Nicky even more pain. Do you want that for her" "I'm not going to cause her pain just by being here. All I want to do is see her again. And im not going to let you, or anyone, stop me" He said, fists clenched. The doctor walks casually into Nicky's room, to check on her. "Just leave. Don't cause problems!" "Listen Bieber, you're the one that screwed everything up for me last time, so I'm not exactly happy with you. Just get out of my way so I can see my angel" "She's not your angel!" I yell at him before the doctor rushes out. He looks worried. Then he comes back with many more doctors. One of them stops and tells me "She's having an allergic reaction to one of the treatments we've given her" "What?!" "It may be life threatening, or not. We aren't sure yet but we are going to try our hardest to make sure she will be all right" I was stunned. "So Nicky could die?" Matthew asked. The nurse/doctor took a breath. "Well... Uh it is highly possible. But if we can get her heart rate down and can get the treatment in her as fast as possible, she will be alright" "Then what are you doing here?! Go!" matthew yelled at her. I ran my fingers through my hair, overcome with stress. Logan and Lauren (Nicky's mom) come rushing over. "They told us what's going on" Lauren tells me. I nod "They told us too" "God I hope she will be okay" she says then sits down. After that, nobody talks for hours. 

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