How to annoy people at Hogwarts

How to annoy people at Hogwarts

How to annoy various witches and wizards...


Chapter 1

How to annoy Dumbledore (Dead or Alive)

1) poke him in the belly and ask "Is it Christmas already?"
2) chop off his beard
3) insist that he is trying to take over the ministry
4) everytime you walk into his office, scream that a bird is on fire and point to fawkes
5) Hang a sign on Dumbledore's desk saying, 'You don't have to be dead to work here, but it helps!'
6) Wait under the astronomy tower and when you see Dumbledore's corpse fall, sing 'It's raining men'
7) Say to Dumbledore every time you see him, "Grindelwald? Really"
8) Set fire to your bed curtains and call Dumbledore a bad example
9) Say you want to re-enact The Lightening Struck Tower, then dig up Dumbledore's body and hire a few Death Eaters
10) Tell Dumbledore you went on Genes Reunited and found a picture of his grandmother. Show him a photo of Gandalf The White

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