When Dreams Come Alive

I just had this idea in a.......... very VERY strange dream last night.
[all charas are in their human form, realisticly, also all are 14, so it isnt pedo or creepy]
And if you're wondering what vid im talking 'bout, its right here \/ \/
My name; Riki Wesley [not really, i just like it better than Ember and my actual name and all the others i came up with.]
Brown hair
Brown eyes

Chapter 1

The Dance

I smiled as i woke up. "Its the dance tonight!" Normally, i wouldnt be happy, but this time it was one i had made and was in charge of and was working for. I happily went through my daily routines, both at home and at school. Then it was afterschool. I smiled as i walked with Ashleigh to where the dance was being held. It was in an open area, beside a cliff. Kind of awkward, but its great for my towns style. They always need more space than the school gives them. So out in the open is perfect.
Ashleigh and Jane were helping me. Also i was forcing Krik, Kendal, Tyler and Jeremiah to be waiters. Not that they're needed, waiters. But i just thought it would be cool to have waiters and waitresses. I looked over and the dance area. A makeshift stage was there, for the dj. We started making the final touches. Putting the food down. Fixing the stage. Making sure the ticket station was by the door. Things like that. Then the guys came here and we all got on our 'uniforms'. Which was basically a green shirt, black pants and a blue waist apron.
The theme for this dance was the ocean, since we are a town by the ocean. The place the dance was at was beside the ocean as well. We had lifegaurds on duty by the water, just in case. Then people started pooling in and Jane and Jeremiah were taking their tickets. We were all having a good time waiting on people. I smiled at Kirk, who had just ran into someone and spilled his tray of sparkling juice all over him. He stuck his tongue out at me and i laughed. "Not my fault you're a klutz!" That was very ironic, because i was usually the clumsy one.
For the rest of the night he had to wear my shirt, glad it was baggy. Around the end of the night, when things had died down, we were sitting at one of the tables talking. Then some late students came in. They all looked..... very familiar. I hummed Zeldas Lullaby from OoT as they went over to the dance floor. Most of them. Some went and hid in corners. Some went to tables. Some flirted with other girls. They were all guys.
After a while they melted into the small crowd of people who were left. Not many teens stay after sunset, and it was very close to sunset. I started walking around with the trays again, after everyone had had their breaks. "Riki, why dont you take a break?" I shook my head. "Im good. I dont need a break." Ok, i did, but i wasnt going to admit that. I looked back at Jane as i walked forward, arguing. Then i crashed into someone. The food and my platter spilled everywhere. "Oh my god! I am soo sorry!" I kneeled down to pick everythng up. A hand came down to help. "Oh! You dont need to help. I can do it. It's my fault anyways."
He didnt listen and kept helping me. We finished and i stood up. "Thanks." "No problem." I froze. His voice was familiar. I looked up at him. "Prince... Zuko?" "No. Just Zuko." I stared at him. Just a cosplayer with his voice. "Uh.... huh." I turned to serve some more people and someone crashed into me this time. "Ow." "Sorry, man. I didnt see you-" I looked up, and whadya know, Jake Long had skated right into me. "Hey..... You're kinda...." He shook his head. "Anyways, im sorry. Let me help you clean this up."
I shook my head. "Its been dropped on the ground twice. I think its garbage now." I quickly put the food on the plate and walked over to the garbage. Its just another cosplayer. One who sounds like his character. So does Zuko. So they sound like each other... Great. I shoved the food in the garbage and Ashleigh came over. "Duude!" "What?" "Take a break. Dance or something!" "With who?" "Uh..... Me!" I rolled my eyes. "Im good." "Riki!" She took my platter away and forced me to dance.
After a while, i started having fun. We span and span, and danced like retards. After more spinning she let go and i ran into someone else. "Hey again. Riki, right?" I looked up at Jake Long. Damn shortness. Even Jake Long is taller than me. "Yeah." Not. Jake. Long. Cosplayer, Riki, cosplayer. "Wanna dance?" I looked back at Ashleigh. She was urging me on. I stifled a laugh at her insane attempts and looked back at Jake. "No. Im sorry."
I turned to go back to my friends and he stepped in front of me. "Please." I blushed. "N-no." I stepped around him, but he just went in front of me again. "Please. I insist." "Uh..... uhm.... im sorry, but i said no." He left me alone and i started dancing with my friends again. We were spinning around, pretending to square dance horribly and i was forced into someone by Kirk and we started dancing. I looked up, and stopped for a second before dancing again. "What was that you said about not dancing with me? Was it a no?" "Jake Long."
"Riki Wesley." I stared at him as we span. "You know my name?" He nodded. "How?" "Your friends." I rolled my eyes as i was whisked off to some other person. "Of course." I span into someones arms and started dancing as Leavin' came on. "Hey." I looked up and saw Zuko. I almost laughed, after seeing the video of him singing the song on youtube. "Uh, hi." I sucked my lips in, smiling at the thought. "Whats so funny?" "N-nothing." "So, Riki was it?" I nodded, looking straight forward, meaning i was staring at his chest.
"Hows the party so far?" I shrugged. "I've been working the whole time." He nodded. It was awkward for a little bit and i was spun to a different person. A really, really tall guy. I looked up and saw a sober face. I looked around and saw a small blond boy dancing around. I looked back up. "Takashi Morinozuka?" He grunted and looked down at me. I thought i could see a slight smile on his face as he spun me away. Ok, this is getting creepy.
Then i was spun to a guy who wasnt even looking at me as we danced. "Uh, hi?" "Hi, yeah, uh, have you seen Roxanne? Shes my-" Roxanne? He looked at me and the worry melted from his face. "Your what?" "Wha.. huh?" "Something about Roxanne?" "Oh, uh, who?" I shook my head. "So whats your name?" "Riki. And yours?" "Max." I nodded, and bit my lip. Maximillian? As in, Goofys kid? I was spun to more and more guys. Their names and faces flashing in my memory.
"Longshot?......... Jet?.......... Kyo?.......... Kyouya?.............. Wakka?........ Yuki?.................. Roxas?............... Kouru and Hikaru?......................... Sokka?................ Shadow?................... Silver?................. Neville?...........Waka?.................. Ferb?............... Nico?.................... Leo?............. Hatori?................ Shigure?................ Shinji?.............. Sam?................... Noah?.................. Cody?"
Ok, explaining the guys.

Avatar The Last Airbender; Zuko, Sokka, Jet, Longshot
Total Drama; Noah, Cody
Harry Potter; Neville
Fruits Basket; Shigure, Hatori, Kyo, Yuki
Okami; Waka
Final Fantasy X; Wakka
Ouran; Kouru, Hikaru, Takashi
Goofy Movie; Max
Pokemon; Shinji [or Paul]
Percy Jackson/Lost Heroes; Leo, Nico
Kingdom Hearts; Roxas
Sonic; Shadow, Silver
Jake Long; Jake Long
Phineas & Ferb; Ferb
My own little mini comics; Sam

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