Thawing the Ice (A Toshiro Hitsugaya Lovee Story) chapter 1

Thawing the Ice (A Toshiro Hitsugaya Lovee Story) chapter 1

Ok this is the story of your charactre "Shirero Shi" I'll write this story from my POV (meaning I'll say I and me) In this tale you'll hear your life and story as a Shinigami.

Chapter 1

Damp Nights Sweet Chill

by: Alexious
Name; Shihero Shi (you go by Sen)
Age; (fifteen years younger than Toshiro)
Appearance: Blue hair and eyes. Pale skin. A bright smile. You have three diffrent looks. One while you're in your gegi, one while you're in Soul Reaper form, and one while you're half hollow.
*While in your Gegai: You are 5'4 With waist length hair you wear the Karakura HS uniform, or your srteat clothes.
*While in Soul Reaper form: You are short, looking around7-9 years old with Short croped hair. you wear the customary Soul Reapers robes with the White Captins robe. The robe bears no number. Your Zanpakuto is straped to your back.
*While Half Hollow: You have black eyes and your croped hair flies wild. You look like you do as a Soul Reaper only you wear a Hollow mask that reseambles a mouse .
Personality: Kind and friendly. Bubbelly but not overly hyper. Prone to mood swings.
Zanpakuto: Name: Seiyuuki (monkey). Bankai: Zetsumei (Death) Seiyuuki. Type: Darkness/heat (thunder). Appearane: *as sword- black blade with a dark blue hilt and no sheath, she's not sharp unless I want her to be, a forked end. *as a spirit- A small black monkey with very large BLACK wings that can cut through anything.
***note! when you don't want to awaken your sword you call her Zarin
****note in the first chapter you're just a soul. You look around 3 or 4
I sit bored as always in the wet grass. It's been raining all day and the sky remains black in all directions, showing no signes of letting up. I sigh inwardly as I hear a horable screaming. Same thing all the time! A scream an exploasion a new smell and then it goes back to normal. Never anything diffrent!
I pull my mask out of the air, which I know means my scent will leak out but I just don't care. I hold my mask in my hand looking at it, as I often do, when the screaming gets closer. Sudenly I see a big creature in front of me. Up on the road it's the thing making the screaming noises. It has a mask like mine, only ugly. I stick out my tongue at it and fall on my back to stare at the falling rain.
Another smell enters the scene but I just don't feel like looking up. The rain is so beautiful from this point of view. I sigh again and the creature flys over me followed by a white figure. As the figure passes the air around me chills and the precipitation that had just a moment ago been water on my face turns to snow. I feel the water start to freeze my clothes and hair. It's so beautiful, I never knew how much I liked the cold until now.
I flip onto my stomach and look at the two figures. The white one looks so small compared to the screamer. The white one looks over its shoulder at me then turns back to the creature and slices him in half. The creature dissapears and I sit up to look at the white one better. Whitey turns to me and walks over slowly. He's a boy I can see plainly. He crouches in front of me and looks at me with big, serious, aqua eyes.
"Hello little one." he says not smiling.
I blink at him and think about it far a moment, I think I like him. He's cold. I like cold.
"I guess that means you're not old enough to talk then." He says looking sad far a moment.
"I can tawk. I'm Sen" I say and smile at him. He looks a little taken abback but he manages to smile back.
"I'm Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya, I'm a Soul Reaper." He says.
"I alweady knew dat. I'be seen some ob you brfore." I smile again
"And noone's ever helped you?" He asks looking confused.
"Well I didn'd want dem to see me. So I hid my scent and dey went away." I reply
"You hid your...? You mean your Spiritual Preasure?"
"Iuhoh!" I laugh "The dingy dat makes the cweatures come. I made it go away"
"Really? That's amazing, can you let me feel your Spirit Preasure?"
"Mmmm kay" I let out my smell, oh no it's called 'Spirit Preasure', and Toshiro gets a look of shock and... fear? He starts to shake and he sudenly sits on the cold, wet ground with me. I pull back my Spirit Preasure and smile at him.
He takes a deep breath then looks at me "Is that really..." He looks down in thought and I get a look at the sword on his back.
"Hay!!" I point at his sword "Like mine!" I Pull my sword out of the air releasing a little bit of my Spitit Preasure to do so.
He looks very shocked now and something else I can't read.
"That's yours? That's your Zanpacuto?" He asks
"Yeah it's mine! Isn't she pwetty? She has a name too. It's Seiyuuki" I say trying to reasure him.
"You... know her name?" He asks dumbfounded.
"Yeaup she told me." I say laying her across my lap.
He continues to look lost then sudenly "Do you want to come with me? Back to the Soul Sosciaty?"
"Wha's dat?" I ask leting my sword fade away again I watch him stare at the empty space that was just Zarin then he continues to tell me all about where he's from.
Some time later the sun has come out, though it continues to rain, and Toshiro has finished telling me all about the Soul Sosciaty and his home and dutys as a Soul Reaper. He told me I don't have to join, he also said 'you REALLY should', but I can't stay where I am.
He says he doesn't understand why my spirit chain is gone but I'm not a hollow, he also said 'most likley due to your unusualy high Spirit Preasure and the fact thet you have a Zampakuto', but he'll look into it more if I do join.
He's giving me time to think it over while he opens the gate to the Spirit world. I asked for a moment alone andhe granted it to me. I can still smell his Spirit Preasure so I know he's real and near by. I close my eyes and call Seiyuuki to me, she answers emidiatly.
"What do you need kiddo?" she asks "Lemme guess!! You want my openion on the guy over there and his offer." she doesn't say it as a question so I just nod. "In that case...go with him." She looks at me for an openion.
"I will." I start to leave but she stops me.
"Don't show them your mask. They don't like the masks where you're going." I turn to ask why but she's gone.
I reopen my eyes and see Toshiro "Oh Toshiro you startled me!"
He looks like he wants to say something but he doesn't. Instead he says "Are you coming?" and reaches out a hand.
"Yes." I say and reach and take that hand, it's cold and bigger than mine. It makes me feel safe.
And with that moment, that 'Yes." and touching that boy, my fate was sealed.

OK!!! THAT'S THE FIRST CHAPTER! Tell me what you think so far! I have tons more waiting for you to read it!

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