Two Greasy Gals In The Soc 'Hood!

Heyyy:) So, I know I haven't worked on this in a long time and I apologize for that. I'm gonna start putting this into story rather than personality quizzes to make it easier on all of us:) I hope you enjoy!

p.s. If you missed out on anything previously, look for 'an outsiders love story'
p.p.s. Go to Gen123's profile to read Gentry's POV!

Chapter 1

Chapter 20:Phone call ~Soda's POV

by: AlyRenna
I was walking down the street of the twon square when this 'stang full of Soc's drove by. They would've kept on going if I didn't turn my head to look at them as they drive by; I'm always doing that. They screeched to a halt, swung around and began to pursue me quickly. "Greaser, greaser! Where ya goin' greaser!?" I started to jog down the sidewalk, bumping into people as they walked the other way. They started to catch up and I tried running faster but it got hopeless as more people started to come out of buildings and onto the streets. "Wait up Greaser! We just want to chat!" $hit! I gotta get outta here quick! I started to push past more and more people but the soc's were still on my tail.
All of a sudden, I started to hear them cussing out loud and honking the horn. I turned quickly and saw they got stuck at a red light. I sighed in relief and quickly jogged to the pharmacy. I opened the door and noticed that it was empty aside from some older people sitting at the tables or getting meds. I walked up to Mr. White who was behind a counter and smiled at him. "Hey, is Tall here?" Mr. White smiled at me and shook his head. "No, as I recall, after your mom dropped her off at our house, she walked upstairs to her room in a huff saying she was going to finish her homework and slammed the door. Did anything happen at your house that I should know of?" He peered at me over his glasses. I shook my head quickly and told him that nothing happened. He nodded slowly and pointed to a phone behind the counter. "You can use this to call her if you want." I quickly snatched the phone and punched in her number. "Hey! You've reached the dazzling Tallulah! I'm not able to get to the phone at the mo-"
"Tall! It's Soda"
"Soda!" I could here her become more alert "What do you want?"
I gulped as I heard her voice sting like a wasp "Talls...babe, i wanted to apologize for arguing with Steve in front of you. I know you got embaressed and I really want to make it up to you."
"Well, So- ugh....Soda, I guess I'm just a little angry that you-- Wha? Ugh! Mom!! Fine! Soda, I gotta go. Mom need me to help her clean the kitchen; I'll talk to you after school tomorrow, okay?"
I frowned slightly "yeah..Okay, Love you"
I heard her hesitate slightly "Love you too..." ~click!~

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