Wouldn't Change A Thing.........................(Iconic Boyz)

Name: Hannah Bate
Age: 16
Hair: Curly Dirty Blonde Hair (just pass the shoulders)
Eyes: Green (Wears Glasses)
Height: 5'3
Love To:Dance, and Be Active.

Its Gonna Be A Vinny Love Story And He Is 17 In This Story:)
Hope You Like It
Song For Story-Wouldn't Change A Thing By Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas
Requested By:HannahLongbottom

Chapter 1

Moving To New Jersey

Today I woke up early, today is the day I move from my hometown Dallas,Texas to Englishtown,New Jersey. My mom's dad just died and he left us our own little "massion" in New Jersey. I know I should be sad because my grampa died but I really didn't know him, the only time I saw him was when I was three months old. The really reason I'm sad is that I'm leaving my home to go some place that I hadn't even heard in my life. So I was making sure I had everything ready. I don't see why we have to move. I mean, we have the perfect life here.....I have a perfect life here. I have my friends, my boyfriend(well my ex now!), my dance lessons. Why did the old man had to die!? This wouldn't be happening if my mom wasn't an only child. "Hannah you have everything?,"asked my mom coming in. "Uh..yeah,"I said grumpy. "Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today,"said my mom. "Well who wouldn't when they are forcing me to leave my home!,"I said. "Hannnah this would be good for you, you'll see, and you'll thank me later,"she said walking away. Why couldn't I have parents like Olive has in the movie Easy A? "Hannah we are leaving!!,"scrammed my dad from downstairs. I looked at my room for the last time and walked out. I walked into the car and we started to drive leaving my old life behind me.
3 Days Later
We've been driving for three days now. My dad says we'll arriave today, but he said that yesterday,so, who knows. I'm listing to my Sky Blue Ipod Nano Touch. I'm listining to the song Complicated by Avril Lavigne. Old I know, but it's one of my favorite songs. My dad just stopped at a store. He probably has to use the restroom again! I felt my mom tap my leg. I took off my neon yellow headphones. "Yes?,"I asked her. "Look sweetie I know this must be hard on you, but we are only doing what's best for you,"she said. I closed my eyes and sighed. "I know mom,"I said not really wanting to talk aboout the topic. I put my headphones back on. Now the song Say Ok by Vanessa Hudgens was on. My dad came back and we started driving again. "We are here,"said my mom after forty-five minutes. I looked up to se a purple two story house. It was made out of wood,and the wood was horizantal. It had a wooden porch and steps leading up to it. It was beautiful. I got down and started streaching. "Ok I'll get the stuff down and you go pick your room,"said my dad. I went up the stairs and into the house. It looked nice I started to look around. I soon found the stairs and went upstairs. I opened the door to the master bedroom,but it wasn't my style. I checked room after room,until I found the perect one,the attick. Must be a little dusty but I can clean it. It would be perfect when I clean it. I can already imagine it. Plus it had ibe of thos beautiful circle windows on the right side of the room. And to the left there was a balcony,could be good if I ever need to get out of the house without permission. I started imagining how the wals could be,maybe even different colors. YES! One purple the othe yellow the othe pink and the other one sky blue and the ceilling orange! Perfect,and maybe even buy a little chandelier of dofferent color for decoration. Yes,this would be my room!!! I walked downstairs to see the moving guys helping my dad with the furniture. "Hey Han you found a room?,"asked my dad. "Yeah the attick,"I said. He looked at me in a weird way. "Trust me it will look great after I put my own touches to it,"I said. He simply smile and shook his head. "So can I borow the car to go buy everything I'll need,"I asked him. "Yeah just take of it,"he said throwing me the keys. I cought them and ranned outside. I got in the car and turned on the GPS,or Sandra as my dad calls her. I started looking at close by stores and I found a near by mall. I drove and got there in fourty-five minutes. When I got there I saw they were having some sort of festival. I saw a banner and it read LET'S CELBRATE!!!! With special guests.......IcOnIc BoYz!!! hey Iconic Boys were in ABDC right? Season 6, they got to the finally but lost against I aM mE,but I thought they were WAY better! I went inside the mall and started looking around. I soon found a store called My RoOm!! they seel everything you need for an incredible room. I entered and saw the store which was half empty. I walked around until I saw the paint deparment. As I started to walk towards it I bumped into someone who came out of nowhere. "Omg I'm sorry,"I heard a males voice said. I looked up to see a super cute guy,he looked kinda familiar. "No its ok,"I said. He offered his hand and I took it. He helped me up,and once I was standing up and got a better look at him I recognize who he was. "Hey your Vinny from Iconic Boyz right?,"I asked him. "Umm...yeah...but please don't scream I'm actually trying to hide from these crazy fans,"he said. "Don't worry I won't freak,"I replied even though inside I am freaking. "Thanks this means a lot,"he said putting his hand my shoulder. I simply smiled back, I just couldn't believe I'm actually talking to Vinny!!!!!..................TBC?

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