My Ouran Story

Chapter 1

~Welcome Back~

by: MaxxLava
I tucked my hair up into my hat and straightened out my dress. Will every one remember me? I took a deep breath and pushed open the door to music room three.
“Welcome to the Ouran Host Club princess.” Tamaki said
“Tamaki you don’t remember me?" I asked
He stared at me with a blank expression. I pulled off my hat and let my white hair fall to the back of my knees.
“Suzuki!” he said surprised
I laughed and gave him a hug
“Suzu-chan, when did you get back from America?” Honey asked jumping on me
“A few hours ago.” I answered
I was so happy to be back at Ouran. The Host Club is like my family. I looked over and saw a girl in a boys uniform standing with Kyoya. I walked over and said hi to Kyoya.
“This is Haruhi Fujioka, the honer student I told you about.” Kyoya said
“What you talked to Suzuke and didn’t tell me?” Tamaki said
“She said she wanted to stay updated on the Club.” Kyoya said
“Oh I almost forgot. I brought you all gifts.” I said
I went back to the door and grabbed my bag.
“Okay, this is for you Tamaki.” I said handing him a small figure
“Wow, this looks just like me.” He said staring at it in awe
“Next for Mori, I got you a new shinai. Sorry about breaking that other one.” I said
“This is nice” he said taking it from me
“I got you this super neat PDA Kyoya. It does tons of cool stuff.” I said
“This is actually a useful gift. “ Kyoya said
“Haruhi would you accept this cook book?” I asked
“Oh no I couldn’t. You must have got it for someone else” Haruhi said
“I got it for my sister but she moved to Paris last week. Please take it Haru-chan.” I said giving her the book
“Well thanks.” Haruhi said
“Oh Honey I got you this cute little bunny hat.” I said
“Thanks Suzu-chan” Honey said
“Alright Hikaru I got you this book of pranks.” I said
“Haha this is great.” Hikaru said
“And Kaoru I got you your favorite book and it’s signed by the author” I said
“I don’t want you stupid book. No one wants gifts from you and no one likes you. Why don’t you just go back to America?” Kaoru yelled then walked out of the room.
“Kaoru wait.” Hikaru said running after him
I could feel the tears weal up in my eyes. I took a deep breath and calmed myself down.
“Well I have one last gift.” I said with a smile
Everyone looked at me with surprised faces. I dug in my bag and pulled out a cake. Honeys eyes got wide.
“Is that your super special triple chocolate strawberry cake?” Honey asked with a big smile
“Yes it is. Let’s all have some.” I said

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