Dragon Fire (Draco Love Story)

I just realized i don't have a Draco Malfoy story!! Eek!
Miranda Miles McMallen(Mira)
Short Straight blackish brown hair
Brown with green
medium and skinny not very athletic pale skin
pureblood Slytherin

Book cover: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=33116209
Please enjoy and comment! :D

Chapter 1

Green and Gold

I stood shaking before the Hogwarts Express. "Are you sure?" I asked turning to my parents "Yes! now hurry or you'll miss the train!" My father, Marcus, saying irritated. I nod thinking can't wait to get my out of your life can you? "i love you dear" My mom,Cassandra, kisses my cheek and I climb onto the train. I find an empty compartment and stick my head out the window. I wave at my parents, only my mother waves back. Sighing I turn and put my luggage away. If your wondering why my father hate me so much, it's because when I was born i was suppose to be a boy, My name would be Miles. When he found out I was female, he freaked.From that day on he has hated me and abused me...my mother, to make things worse, can't have children now. The train lurched pulling my out of trance. I waved at my mom on last time."Excuse me, Can I sit here?" I turn to see 3 boys standing in the door. 2 were tall and gangly with black hair. The other, clearly the leader, has bleach blonde hair and grey eyes. "uh I'd rather sit alone but you can." They enter and sit on the other side of the compartment. "I'm Draco Malfoy, This is Crab and Goyle"."Are your fist names Crab and Goyle?" I asked. They just shock there heads. "I'm Miranda Miles McMallen....Mira for short "Nice....What house do you want to be in? Your pureblood right?" Draco asked. "Saying that I'm a first year, I wish to be in Ravenclaw like my mother....and yes I happen to be a pureblood." I say. "Well I guess that's better than Gryffindor!" He retorted. "And what if I get in Gryffindor? What if you do?" I asked. "Ha ha Me? In Gryffindor?!" He laughed "Guess not..." I muttered. We sat for the rest of the ride listening to Draco bragging. I escaped and joined a group of first years heading toward a giant yelling. As I got closer I understood he was saying "First years over here!" We climbed into boats and I got stuck with some red head and a strange boy in glasses. When we entered to castle and climbed a bunch of stairs some which in green left us in the hall way. "So it's true then, what they were saying on the train. Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts." Draco pushed he's way to the front and started confronting Harry Potter, The boy who shared the boat with me. He looked cute with messy black hair and green eyes. I could see the red scar on his forehead and I shuttered. The witch came back out and lead us into the Great Hall. The Ceiling was beautiful, a mirror image of the night sky. "Please line up! When your name is called please come up and I will set the shorting hat on your head." The witch, named Minerva McGonagall, pulled out a scroll and started reading names. "McMallen, Miranda Miles!" I walk up and sit on the stool. "hmm" The hat muttered. I shivered and waited my destiny. "Slytherin!" The hat cried. "What?! there must be some mistake!" I whispered to McGonagall."No mistakes dear...go sit down." She sounded ruder the normally. I did my best to smile and walk to the cheering table. So far my time at Hogwarts has been horrid.

Outfit on train:http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=33116427
Slytherin uniform:http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=33112956

Sorry it's short! please comment! I'll need 3 comments to continue....Actually I'll probably just write it anyways! :P

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