Dragon Fire (Draco Love Story)

I just realized i don't have a Draco Malfoy story!! Eek!
Miranda Miles McMallen(Mira)
Short Straight blackish brown hair
Brown with green
medium and skinny not very athletic pale skin
pureblood Slytherin

Book cover: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=33116209
Please enjoy and comment! :D

Chapter 2


~4th year~
"Wake up Mira!!" Shouted Pansy. I shoot up and punched Pansy in the nose. "Oh Pansy...sorry"I mumbled. She growled and left. I got up and dressed. I quickly brushed my hair. "Well the beginning of 4th year...and the Triwizard tournament is this year!! wow!" I muttered. I left my dorm and headed to the common room. Pansy was complaining to Draco who was lounging on a couch. Behind him stood Crabbe and Goyle. "Hi Greggory,Vincent,Draco,Pansy....sorry 'bout the nose..." Crabbe nodded at me and Goyle smiled. "My dear Mira!" Draco gasped and ran over. He bowed and kissed my hand. "Hi Draco" I giggled. Pansy glared at me. "Will you let me escort you to breakfast?" He asked. "Oh sure..." I smiled. He slipped his arm in mine and we walked to the Great Hall. The Hall seemed to be larger and on each side there were new tables placed. We sat a our table and waited for the owls to bring our schedules. "Excuse me Students! We haven't prepared your schedules yet, so today is a free day! Also 6th years and other please enter your names in the Goblet today! Breakfast is served!!" Dumbledor called. I was shocked. "Cool!" Draco muttered. I nodded and started to eat.

sorry it's so short! I'll write more in this chapter later!

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