Once in a Life Time

I need a fake love story, why not? :D
I will pleasingly change stuff to make me happy.
Starkids will be involved. :)
Who knows what else.

Chapter 1

Start Of Something New

"Casssssiiieeeeee!" Lyndsey practically yelled when I entered math.
"Whhhaaatttt!" I quickly replied, walking over to my desk and dropping my stuff off.
"So last hour, well. In Advisory we all drew this giant unicorn right? And his name is Charles!" She pulled out a poster from her backpack and proudly showed me her new creation.
"Oh my Rowling that's amazing! That's like the sexiest thing I've ever seen!"
At that moment, an extremely cute boy walked in and headed over to Mr. Schaffer.
"I take that back. That boy's the sexiest thing ive ever seen!" I quickly said, my jaw hanging wide for a second.
"Oh damn, talk about eye candy!" I hear Jenn say laughing behind me, having just entered the room, almost late like normal.
"Oh trust me. I saw." I said grinning.
The bell rung, and like any other class period Mr. Schaffer started yelling at the class to shut up and sit down.
"Okay guys, we have a new student, his name is Joey. Please treat him better than you do me. Ah, you can sit in the back corner over there." He said pointing to the half square where me and Jenn sat. I quickly turned around and rose my eyebrows suductivly and grinned before watching Joey make his way over and sit down. It wasn't long until he was being hit with Erica's questions.
"Joey do you like Justin Beiber? Because I do, he's my husband."
"If you don't shut up the whole class is going to have homework, so quite down!" This was a common thing for Scaffer to yell, so most of us ignored just him. He didn't want to grade the work anyway.
I sat for a while before deciding to greet him.
"Hey Joey, I'm Cassie! Most of the people in this class are nuts, you'll learn to ignore them eventually."
"I hope, that one chick already scared the crap out of me!" He replied.
There was something off about the way he talked. I thought to myself. His jaw. He has a crooked jaw. That is so adorable! I stared in awe at him for a second before realizing I might be creeping him out.
"So, Joey! How are you liking life over here? Is it treating you well?"
"Sure thang, people seem rather friendly." He said, motioning towards me.
"Oh please! I try way to hard. Isn't that right Jenn?" I turned around to see her raise an eyebrow at me. She so knew I liked him.
Wait, did I?..... Yeah. I did.
"What? Oh, yes of course! Way to hard!"
I turned back to Joey and pointed at Jenn.
"Case closed!"
"We'll if it helps any, you had me completely fooled!" He grinned, his smile slanting up to the right. My gosh it was sexy, I started to melt already.
"Why yes. It does help. Uh, may I ask, do you like coloring books?"
"Why as a mater of fact, I absolutely love them. Why do you ask?"
At that moment I bent over and grabbed my backpack. Then I pulled out two coloring books, and a huge box of crowns. Trying to ignore the possible glares Mr. Scaffers was probably shooting me, I asked him.
"Dinosaur of Hello Kitty?"
"I have to choose?" He ran his hand through his dark brown hair, that was about two inches in length, but slightly spiked up. "I don't think I can!"
"Then both!" I exclaimed before practicly throwing the books into his hands.
"I also have a plug in disco ball. Too bad I can't turn it on. We could have a little party!" I said sadly, showing him the little globe decorated with many colors.
"That's terrible! What kind of place would do that to a person?! It's a disgrace!" He practicly shouted before slamming his hands down on his desk. "We need the help of a hero! We need!" His voice then quickly dropped and got very serious. "Radio reporter voice man. Saving the day with rather boring announcements on what YOU, should do to help the world." Grinning we both looked up and were surprised to see the WHOLE class staring at us. We tried to keep quite after that, grinning at each other while coloring.
It was a work day anyway. We didn't actually have any work to do, not like it would of stopped us.

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