A Remus Love Story

Hey guys this is a Remus Lupin Love Story. This is based in the Marauder Era, not him as an adult, cause im.... uhh, what's the word? oh, yea, UNDERAGE. hehe i prefer his teenage character to his adult character, but maybe that's because i strongly dislike (abi wont let me say hate) the guy they got 2 play him in the movies. Sooo yea i hope you guys like it, and don't be afraid of the little white comment box. it doesn't bite, i promise :)

Chapter 1

A Bumpy Start

A/N: So, i had another chapter as chapter 1 but then i wrote this chapter as ch 2 but i like it so much it is now ch 1. So here we go!

Shanley Capilen was talking to Remus Lupin as they walked into the Great Hall together. They'd been friends for about a year, when Remus stood up for her in Defense Against the Dark Arts class when some Slytherin's started making fun of her research. Shanley studies Beasts and Beings, mainly their rights. She wants to give all creatures rights, no matter their circumstances. Since then, they had become very close, Remus introducing her to the Marauders, a close group of four that had quite the reputation for being trouble-makers, as well as devilishly handsome. They accepted her, and she loved hanged out with them, due to their hilarious sense of humor, evil pranks, and even their more mysterious side. They had a secret, that she knew, but she wasn't overly curious. She was never one to be incredibly nosy or anything, preferring to let people tell her something if they're comfortable with it, not bugging them continuously about it, making them uncomfortable about it. But back to the story...
Shanley and Remus were entering their sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, both were prefects, and they both got fairly good grades. "Wait, you have a brother?" asked Remus, as she finished up her story about her family vacation when she accidently blew the top off the toilet while trying to flush it. "Oh, yea, he's starting his first year at Hogwarts! Look, he's over there!" she said, pointing to the long line of first years entering the Great Hall. There stood Austin, fidgeting and jumping around, due to nerves. Her heart went out to him. Austin suffered from OCD- Obsessive Compulsive Disorder- meaning he was obsessed with little things, things that other people found weird. He did a lot of things that people didn't accept, things that people didn't approve of, so naturally he got lots of strange looks and people talked about him when he wasn't around.
Several minutes later, after the Hat sang it's song and a few people were sorted (Hufflepuff, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Ravenclaw) Austin was up. He walked up, and Shanley could see how badly his hands were shaking from her seat. He stood there for a minute, staring in horror at the chair he was supposed to sit on before Professor McGonagall said irritably, "Well, go on, sit!"
But Austin shook his head back and forth before saying something to McGonagall so quietly that no one could hear him. McGonagall's eyebrows shot up, and she exclaimed, "Well, why can't you sit in the chair?" Everyone started laughing and whispering amongst each other. He said something again, this time loud enough for Shanley to hear. "It's... it's not clean. I... I c-can't"
McGonagall looked stunned. Shanley felt Remus nudge her and felt the eyes of the Marauders on her. "Shanley..." said Remus, obviously struggling with the right words. "Why-why won't he, uhh... sit?"
Panic gripped Shanley. She had to help him! Poor Austin must be mortified at all the attention his OCD was getting him, along with the panic he must be having at the thought of sitting on the chair. Without thinking, Shanley stood up quick, stumbled a little, and rushed up he length of the Gryffindor table to where Austin was standing.
"Austin, sweetie," she said soothingly, getting on her knees and rubbing his back to sooth him. Poor Austin looked like he was about to have a panic attack, she could tell by his heavy breathing, pale face, and the way his little hands clenched open and closed by his sides.
"Shanley," said MvGonagall, causing her to look up. "What's wrong with Austin? Why won't he... sit?" McGonagall no longer looked angry, more worried, like a grandmother would. Shanley sighed. Seemed like the school wasn't informed of Austin's OCD.
"Austin," she said, making him look at her. "How about I sit on the chair, and you can sit on my lap so the Hat can put you in a house. Does that sound good?"
Some of the color returned to Austin's face, and he nodded ever so slightly. She stood up (slowly, her knees felt bruised and uncomfortable from kneeling on the hard, wooden floor) and led him by the hand to the chair. She sat down (Austin visibly winced at that) and pulled Austin into her lap. He shuddered, but didn't pull away. McGonagall shrugged, and placed the Hat on his head. Shanley wondered for a moment how he couldn't sit on a chair, yet he could place a dirty, matter, hat on his head. She shook her head. She'd never understand Austin. "Ahhh, a challenge." the Hat started. "You're very organized and neat, a quality that could help you in Ravenclaw, not to include your immense thirst for knowledge. You're also very loyal to your family and friends, and will stand up for anyone in trouble, a trait that could land you in Hufflepuff. But you also have a streak of bravery, and you would do anything to defend others. So, I guess I should put you in.... GRYFFINDOR!"
There was applause, but not an immense amount. Apparently her fellow Housemates weren't overly enthusiastic about having an 'odd-ball', for lack of a better word, on their House.
Austin quickly jumped off of Shanley's lap and scurried off to the Gryffindor table. Shanley started to head off, but Professor McGonagall stopped her. "That was a very kind thing you did for your brother, Miss Capilen. But I'd like you and your brother to meet Professor Dumbledore and I in his office after dinner. The password to discuss you r brother. The password is Chocolate Frogs."
Shanley nodded meekly, glad of the soft voice Professor McGonagall was using, preventing the entire Great Hall from learning that she had to go to the Headmaster's office after dinner.
"You may return to your dinner now." said McGonagall, dismissing her.
Shanley rushed down the span of the Great Hall, now convinced that it grew bigger when thousands of eyes were watching you. She slid into her seat next to Remus, her face bright red, due to her running down the Great Hall mixed with the mortification of being watched by the whole Great Hall.
She felt Remus' hand touch her arm to get her attention, and her face grew, if possible, even redder. She turned to face him and saw half of the table staring at her like she suddenly sprouted another head. Suddenly she wasn't so hungry anymore.
"Shanley," said Remus softly. "Are you okay? Do... do you wanna tell us about it?" She was mortified to feel tears forming in her eyes. He was being so nice to her because he cared, not like the many others who would ask because they wanted to add to the gossip. She was now used to this drill, since Austin was first diagnosed with OCD.
"Later," she whispered to him, hoping, no, praying, he wouldn't press it. He nodded, and turned back to his dinner, swiftly changing the subject. "Did you guys see the new Defense teacher? Wonder if he's any good." he said, then threw a meaningful glance toward the MArauders, who immediately began a conversation about DADA, teachers, summer, classes, and everything else imaginable... except her brother.
She really loved those boys.

A/N: So... what do you think? I don't know much about OCD, so I don't know if I portrayed it correctly. I tried, but if I didn't, I'm really sorry! If you have any suggestions of any sort, I'd really appreciate it. So comment! Please! Haha I'll try and get the next chapter up really soon, k?

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