Just Another Joe Jonas Love Story (Part 3)

Enjoy! <3

Chapter 1

Part 3

After 12 horrible hours of laying in your bed, wondering if he was actually going to show up, you finally saw the sun start to rise. You push back the covers (you failed to get comfortable under) and you raise your arms and stretch. You get up and take a shower. Making sure to use the strawberry shampoo Darla suggested to maybe give your hair some flair. You picked out a sundress, perfect for the occasion. You put some of your favorite perfume on and were ready to head out. Realizing you still had 3 hours of waiting to do. Lovely.. just lovely. So after even MORE waiting you finally head to the park. It was a good enough day to go there on foot. As you head through the park, checking benches to see where he was, you see him sitting on a blanket in the grass, holding a bouquet of daisies. You smile and when you guys make eye contact, you give a small wave. You sit beside him and he gives your hand a squeeze. "Wow Annie, you are stunning". "I swear you glow".. he said in amazement. You start to blush and look down. He raises your chin with a finger, "no Annie you can't deny this". "You are beautiful". So for the next 4 whole hours you each talk about each other.. and it honestly felt as if you had known him for a very long time! You guys were laughing when it starts to lightly rain above. He grabs your hand and you guys run under a tree. "Thank god for trees" he mutters. You laugh. He smiles, "you have a cute laugh ya know" he said. You shake your head "I'd much rather prefer yours." you say. He smiles, "finally! The girl has flirted back!" you punch him lightly in the arm, "oh shush Joe", you say, "flirting isn't the only way to get to a guys heart" he smiles, "well it looks as if you don't even need flirting, you already got to me" your heart starts to beat a bit faster when Joe leans down and kisses the top of your forehead. You then rest your head on his shoulder and just watch the rain fall.. even if the day turned dreary and gray, your day just got a whole lot brighter ♥♥


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