The fat life

Chapter 1

Being fat llog

i guess im going to do these logs on my weight only because my parents think i need to lose some.
Starting weight: 278
Yes! I gained 3 pounds since last week! You see im a gainer i love it!
Dinner time!
Hello kimie how are you!?
Good im starving! ohhh burgers!
Sorry honey we have steamed vegies for u over there.
What! I love burgers and you kno that!
Sorry honey oh and we assigned you and karen doctors appointments tommorow.
Sweetie you can have aa burger later.
I walked upstairs panting at the end. it was 9:00 and my parents were asleep. Burger here i come! I walked downstairs and grabbed 3 burgers, at the end i grabbed some choclate ice cream. I was still hungry so i grabbed some cheese its and ate some. POP POP POP! Suddenly my buttons just popped on my jeans and on my shirt! Oh well.
I went to my room to get weighed. yay! 283!

Are you ready to go?
Oh yeah i guess.
lets go!
Okay sweetie go on!
Karen and i first got weighed
Karen: healthy 107
kimie: obese: 284
Well doctor i love gaining weight.
Its not good though.
I dont care
I took a choclate bar out of my pocket and ate it
The scale went up one
Oh yeah!
Then the doctor asked me to take my clothes off and so i did. I looked at myself. The mirror only showed half of me. Suddenly i saw what i was. I was fat rolls and not being able to see my feet I was jiggly and FAT.
Thats what i want!\
The doctor go t out a FAT O METER put it on me and i was 33% fat!!!
You are moribly obese.
I know and im proud!
Back at house
Sweetie kimie how was it!?
OH it was great im 284 pounds and 33% fat!
Thats horrible (phone rings)
Oh mom its for you
Oh okay well we will tell her
Thank you

Welll kimie that was the doctor he wants you to go a diet
A WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To Be Continued!


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