High-school Love Story

taylor is like the perfect girl shes part of the awesome clique and she has like an amazin body and everythin. she has a sweet boyfriend and hes on the like football team or watever and ya...

Chapter 1


by: LilianJoy
im always happy when i hang out with my boyfriend jake. he soo cute! he wants me to go with him to this place that looks really sad. i dont get why it would b good for a happy couple on a date but then i know...he pulls out something from his pocket. i was expecting a ring right? you know to propose? ya its his wallet he orders something for himself and makes me pay for my own meal. RUDE! but i dont care im sooo in love with cute jakey. and we start talking about life you know usual date stuff and then we're laughing and he turns serious.

hes all like " honey, taylor, " and he takes my hand " i have something to tell you baby. " i smile and say go on because i think itll be about US. and it was, just not in the way i thought it would be. " like the guys are planning to see the NBA finals and i thought i would go with them and its like a month long trip and i dunno, i just thought i should giv u a heads up. thats not all love. baby, you know i love you and everything but i cant take this relationship anymore. i gotta focus on...basketball. " he says breaking my heart.

i stare at him. my perfect guy, the ONE, the guy i planned to get MARRIED and have kids with was breaking up with me...for basketball? i didnt wanna get emotional so i pushed my chair out and im all like " ok have fun in miama or wherever your going. and remember if you come back to me im just gonna shove this recorded conversation in your FACE! get the heck out of my life already. and i stomped outside tears streaming down my face and got into my car. my cheeks had brown streaks becuz of my eyeliner. i shoved my hair out of my face and took a right onto McCarly Dr. to stop Jake from following me, even though my house was on the left. i wanted to be alone for sometime. suddenly in the rain, i heard someone tapping on my window and since it was to blurry to see them i foolishly opened the door. and that was the biggest mistake i ever did...

the guy dragged me out of the car and stared at my body, evaluating it. he nodded and said 'ur a fine babe' and pushed me into the passenger side and got in the driver seat. he was a hot guy, athletic, he was damn good looking and he had the cutest eyes that were half covered by his dark hair. i struggled and tried to kick but he ran his hands up and down my thighs and said 'i could do you and just leave you dead in the car and noone would ever know so keep your body to yourself until i want you to lay it on me.'

after that i just sat there quietly remembering the first rule i had learned, dont open the door to strangers and here i am with a guy whos probably drunk driving my car taking me to who knows where...



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