Draco, I Hate You With All My Heart.

Just a story for my personal enjoyment :D

Chapter 1

Occlemency and So On

I was sitting outisde, enjoying the sun with my family and our friends, the Malfoys. I like them except for Draco. He's not evil enough for me. Sure he's nasty but, he lacks evil, such a disappointment. Sure he's a looker I'll admit but, I always despised him yet, he's as close as I get to the perfect companion.
Anyhow, mine and Draco's family have always been close, and it's tradition that every seven generations our families are united in marriage. So when we reach the appropriate age, we'll be united and I will be his wife as he will be my husband.
I used Occlemency and took a peek into Draco's mind. I can always get a peek when I catch him off gaurd and around his dad, he's pretty emotional around his dad.
He was thinking about the beauty of a girl. Hmm, interesting, new dirt on him. Hahaha, I love to tease him, tug and pull at his patience, and to know all of his weaknesses.
"Get out of my head, Brihana," Draco hissed at me from across the room and closed his mind off from me. I laughed at him. I jumped up from the couch and skipped over to him, I flopped down next to him, my legs folded underneath me.
"So who's the girl on your mind? Pansy?" I asked, slightly teasing.
"No," he said and scooted away as I scooted closer.
"Don't lie Draco, or I'll just have to take a peek into that brain of yours while your sleeping," I threatened.
"I'm not," he insisted, growing bored of the topic I changed it.
"Two more year til we are out of that dump of a school Hogwarts," I said.
"I can't wait until then!" He said, one thing we shared in common was how much we loathed Hogwarts.
"But, who says we are going to go our last year?" I said with a sly smile. He looked at me with curiosity, "we could become Death Eaters," he looked at me and I smiled at him, he seemed tense, "Oh why so tense dear?"
"Nothing," he said. I decided to stop pestering him and try and be nice. I felt a tugging in my head and grinned.
"Now, now Draco. What could possibly be in my head that you'd be interested in?" I said. He nervously smiled.
"Just curious, you never share any opinion of your own," he said.
"Because I'm smart enough not to stick my nose where it doesn't belong," I said as we walked out to the veranda
"Well maybe you should tell me your opinion just this once," he said.
"About what?" I asked. We sat down on the steps.
"Me. I mean, I am your business in a way, seeing as how you're my fianc'e," he said, I rolled my eyes.
"It's an open relationship and what you do is no concern to me what so ever," I said automatically.
"That's not an opinion," he said matter-of-factly.
"I think you could be more evil, less emotional. In a way I despise you for not being evil enough but, you're the only person that comes close to the perfect companion," I admitted.
"Hm, should I be offended or feel complimented," he said. I giggled but, caught myself and stopped.
"Why did you stop laughing? It's cute," he said.
"Weak sauce," I called him and got up and was at the door way when he said:
"Brihana, You know you don't have to be so tough and emotionless to be evil,"
"I don't want anybody to know any weaknesses of mine though," I said.
"hmm," was all the reply I got back from him.
"Oh and Draco," I said, "I hate you,"
"I hate you too Bri," he said, we looked at each other and grinned.

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