who will you marry?(part 62)

Chapter 1

a new ally

As she looks toward the cavern as a large black dragon comes out into the light, with shane and you feel something foreign touch ur mind gently but firmly as if asking permission to enter. Looking at the black dragon up and slowly dawn says whipping her tail back and forth like a cat while flexing her claws upon the ground ,” and who pray tell are u that u should be scaring my rider? The black dragon smiles revealing large a sharp teeth, before his whole body shimmers as if a mirage and instead of a dragon stands a guy who is tall, lightly muscular with a tan and short cropped black hair with a streak of gray, and his eyes are completely dark with colors whirling inside just like dawn. Speaking slowly as if tasting the words he bows regally revealing a tattoo identifying him as a guardian saying” im sorry if I frightened you, my name is kavalan it means night in your language and I mean u and ur rider no harm.

I frightened you, my name is kavalan it means night in your language and I mean u and ur rider no harm. he pauses as if waiting for something as you think to yourself if he is a guardian where is his rider. I was wondering the same thing myself you hear a familiar voice in your mind say. Stepping out from behind dawn you go to kavalan holding out your hand to him saying my name is Ashanti. Ahhh Ashanti, a very strong and good name, shaking it vigorously before letting it go. Your father wouldn’t be James would it, indeed he is you say sadly but I didn’t really get a chance to know him I was taken before I really got a chance to know him. Im sorry he says I should have protected him better, his eyes becoming so sad wistful, it starts to make sense and you realize that this is your father’s guardian. don’t be so sad you say touching his shoulder your life was worth more to him alive than dead., and if he was alive right now I highly doubt he would want u feeling sorry for yourself, he want u you to look forward not backward. You are very wise, for being so young but yet there is truth in your eyes he says demeanor turning a little brighter.

He locks eyes with dawn who has not said anything in a while, but steadily looks at back at him with a curious look on her face. She speaks slowly saying Do I know u? , u look familiar to me like I know or knew u long ago. That would be because I am your father, child, though it has been awhile since I last saw u when ur mother and she sent u away to await ur rider. Yet u made no attempt to contact me once I found my rider. Well he says, I couldn’t contact you least I reveal myself, cause even though I may look it I am old and not as strong as I use to be, and I wanted to make sure I still lived long enough to be there for you. Turning back to you he says if u came to tell me of Vince’s treachery don’t bother I already know, id im sure he will pay for it dearly soon enough. even though I cant help u directly I would like with ur permission Ashanti I would like to train ur guardian for a while. No way that going to happen dawn growls, my place is by ur side to the end till the end, I swore to protect u and I will. Choosing ur words carefully cause dawn looks seriously angrily, I understand u want to protect me you say patting her leg trying to comfort her ,but how will u truly be able to protect me if ur not trained properly and im sure it wont be forever.

She speaks truly kavalan says if anything should happen to ur rider I will not keep u and the sooner u get this done the sooner u can go back to her, what say u dawn you say standing in front of her as she lowers her head level with u, I don’t want to force you into anything. I guess it makes some sense and I can return if something should happen. All right, dawn sighs I shall train with u kavalan, wrapping ur arms around as much of her huge head as you can you hug her saying goodbye, don’t say that I will be back with u sooner than u think. Letting go you and shane begin the descent down the mountain, so where are we off to next? You say trying not think about being without your guardian. With a smile shane says we have to get u ready for ur debut ball.


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