The Story Of Us (A Vinny Castronvo Love Story)

This a Vinny Castronvo story and i had fun writing this and i hope you like it so rate and comment =)

Chapter 1


Im Annabella Maria Dipippa. My brothe is Louis, and i love him so much you mess with him and well lets just say watch your back =]
Louis is from the ICONic Boyz and him and the boyz got on the show ABDC. So we are on our way to California =P why am i so mad about this? I have to miss school and wont see my friends for a while. But hey i get a vaction and get to see vinny most of the time. See me and Vinny well, im not sure what we have we went out on one date and we flirt alot but hmm im not sure =/
We were ariving at LAX. Once we got off me and Louis went to go find our luggage and find the boyz while mom and dad go get the rental car. I saw Vinny and he hugged me and we kinda went our own way holding hands. Then Binca came and saw us.
"aww, Annabella and Vinny sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g" she said walking away I blushed.
"I was thinking about you on the plane" Vinny said
me and him didnt sit together i was siting by my mom and dad while mom let louis sit with the boyz and didnt leave me! Why? Because she said things "could" happen.
"I was thinking about you too" I said
"I was also thinking about what we could be" he said
I looked down smiling.
"really" i said
Louis came
"come on mom and dad have the car already and are waiting for us" Louis said
uhh bad timeing
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