70 random questions.

Chapter 1

70 random questions.

by: m3rcy616
What do you do on your free time? - chill out, dance, draw, text. etc...
How old are you? - 19
Are you still in school? - I'm in college, yeah
Do you like where you live? - yes I do.
What is your favorite band? - Black Tide
Have you ever been in love with somebody? - I think I'm in love with someone now.
Are you single or taken? - eh. I don't really now. FWB.
What happened with your last boyfriend/girlfriend? - eh... I don't want to talk about it.
Do you have a lot of drama in your life? - nope.
Do you like to party? - yes
If so, what kind of partying? - the college kind. :P
Are you a fun person? - I try to be.
Are you loved by many people? - I guess.
Do you like your family? - my mom's side of the family. I love them.
Do you have any animals? - I have my cat and my mom's two dogs.
If so, whats its name? and is it a boy or girl? - bobby is my cat. he's a boy. and my mom's dogs are Ditto and Wilson. both male.
Are you a prep,jock,nerd,goth,punk,or a mix of everything? - mix of rocker, goth, punk, headbanger, and stoner. I guess.
Do like labels? - it doesn't matter to me.
Who is your bffl? - Ash I guess.
Do you sing in the shower? - sometimes
What color hair do you have? - black
Would you ever dye your hair to a different color? - I do dye my hair.
Did/do you like high school? - hmeh, we'll put it this way. I'm glad high school is over.
Grossest thing you've ever ate? - green olives. bleh. Black olives are ok though.
Have you ever been kicked out of a place for being immature? - nope.
Would you consider yourself mature or immature? - mature.
Would you get back with your ex? - i dunno. I ended a for sure thing with him for a risk with the guy I want now.
Would your ex get back with you? - I dunno at this point.
Are you poor,middle class, or fancy? - middle class.
Do you laugh a lot? - yes.
In your text messages to you say lol,lmao,hahah a lot? - mmhm.
What was your last serious talk with someone about? - relationships or work. one or the other.
Do you like where you live? - that was answered before wasn't it?
Are you a fake or as real as they get? - as real as it gets.
Ever gotten plastic surgery? - nope. I don't need it.
Every been in the emergency room? - for my sister.
If so, what for? - she got hit by a car, was in icu for 3 weeks, transfered to a normal room,and took a year and a half to get back to normal.
Day or night? - night
Do you think pot should be legalized in usa? - yes.
Do you wear a lot of make up ig your a girl? - i wear eye makeup, but not a lot.
Do you chew gum often? - not really.
Do you brush your teeth every day? - mmhm.
Ever kissed a bad kisser? - yes.
If so, how bad was it? - slobber everywhere. thankfully the guy I want is a good kisser.
Can you eat a lot of food? - i eat like a bird dude: not very much in one sitting.
Whats your favorite type of music? - Industrial, hard rock, metal, etc.
Are you gay or straight or bi?i - I personally only like guys. but my besty is bi, and i have two other guy friends who are gay.(in other words i'm cool with homosexuality.)
Do you like obama? - meh. I don't care for politics at all. it's all just a bunch of hoop jumping, mind games.
Are you a democrat or a repbilican? - i'm registered as unassociated.
Ever stole anything? - when i was younger. haven't stolen anything in 3 years or so.
Whats your favorite store at the mall? - spensers.
What kind of cell phone do you have? - a basic cricket flip phone.
Xbox or playstation3? - xbox360
Cod or halo? - halo, never played call of duty.
Whats you favorite movie?why? - the fifth element. just cause it's awesome.
Do you like the dark? - i like the night. darkness depends.
Tv or video games? - games.
Cable or satellite? - either, i don't watch a lot of tv.
Ever been arrested? - nope.
If so, what for? - .....
Late or on time? - on time.
Do you care to much? - on certain things.
Do you over think things? - a lot.
Would you consider youself a control freak? - sometimes
Do you eat your fruits and vegtables? - yes.
Are you on a diet? - nope. I need to start a workout rutine, but my diet is just fine.
Do you go to the gym? - ^^^
Do you play a sport?if so which one? - no
What were you for this past halloween? - arkham asylum version of Harley Quinn
Lastly whyd you take this survey?(: - boredom.


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