The Blood Coven -New Rewrite-

The Blood Coven -New Rewrite-

picture is of my new char. Enjoy!!
Blood Coven Members


Wraith Coven

Leloir Coven

The Briar Coven
David- 24


Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Crossed

We were gathered on the porch just chatting casually waiting for the sun to set. Violet and Silas sat on the third step having an annual argument like usual. They normally enjoyed picking at each other. November sat on the bottom step silently watching the grass like she could see it grow. She was the most silent of us all, which there are five of us all together. It isn't a large coven compared to our neighbor's covenants.

I am actually glad there are only five vampires in my coven. I find it easier to handle smaller numbers like two or five and hard to control numbers like 10 or 15 vampires. Our neighbors' covens are large. We get along fairly well with most of our neighbors though. We have 3 neighboring coven's-

The Wraith Coven, which has 9 members- Dylan Wraith, His wife- Claire Wraith, Then Dylan's and Claire's kids- Kaithlyn, Leah, and Noah, Then Eric's kids- Caroline & her twin Dalton. They're good friends with our coven. We get along very well with them.

There is also the Leloir Coven; there are four members in their coven. They came from France starting as a couple, Lucia and Collin then latter added an American nomad- Ryan and adopted Vanessa to their coven as their daughter. She is 19 and is engaged to Ryan who is 23. Alexander is quite fond of them because they come from his home country- France so we are also greatly associated with them as well.

Then there is The Briar Coven- which is the largest coven we know, with 15 members. This was Silas's and Violet's old coven before they joined us. We had to change a few things about them before they joined our coven though. See the Briar coven drinks human blood and in Alexander's and my coven we don't allow this. We fed off animals.

So we had to change their diet, which was extremely hard. We still don't completely trust them so we usually hunt with them.

The Briar coven was actually glad that we took a few members; they went down in size since then. There used to be 22 members. Seven left and created their own coven leaving 15. The coven was started by Paul Briar, his wife- Kamien, and their daughter Savannah who added a new member when she changed Brandon and they adopted two children- Ella and Colton. They're 15 and 16 years old. A couple joined them later- Samuel and Paige. They had traveled before joining and had decided to join a coven when they grew tired of exploring the world so joined Paul and Kamien.

Then a small coven of 4 came and wanted to join because they lost their leader and a few other coven members in a fight of some sort. So Fiona and her three kids joined. Fiona's husband had been leader of her other coven but died so she relocated herself and her kids- Garrett, Lillian, and Gwin. Their ages are 16-17. Fiona then met Aaron and fell in love and changed him.

Then while on a camping/hunting trip they found a couple that had gotten lost and where half dead so they changed them- David and Jess where grateful and stayed with their new coven. This is the coven me and Alexander get along with the least. Not just cause our blood tastes are different but because they're too carefree.

Vampire's that drink human blood are very different from those who drink animal blood. Animal feeders need to have blood as well as a strongly developed human food diet. Human feeders don't need these things; they just drink human blood in which they get the nutrients from the blood of the human that ate those things.

Also human feeders and animal feeders live in really different worlds. The kids of the Briar Coven have to be home schooled usually because their will power isn't very strong and they might eat the kids at school if they go. We animal blood drinkers don't have to worry about an urge to feed on human blood. It is possible to switch between the two but the switch is a long process and there are strange in-between stages where you don't know what you want. All it takes to become a human feeder is just a small sip of a human's blood, and then you are hooked. It's almost like a drug addiction except stronger, when you get hungry nothing stops you from slaughtering anyone and everyone. Whatever it takes to feed your hunger; the switch back to an animal feeder though, is a long process.

But any way there is a lot that makes human feeders different than us that drink animal blood and live on a human diet of human food. We are more alive than human feeders. We bleed and our organ systems are partly alive while theirs is dead and needs blood to sustain it. We animal feeders also can have children. Though they sometimes are half vampire's half human children or just whole of either human or vampire.

Human feeders are usual stronger than animal feeders. They also can be faster than animal feeders. But this isn't always true. Then again we have the stronger will power which could be very useful at times. It's also easy for us animal feeders to stay in one place. Human feeders usually end up moving a lot more.

The sun slowly slips behind the trees and the sky is colored with tents of orange, red, pink, and yellow. "It is just about time..." Alexander whisper's in my ear and I smile, "So it is." I say looking directly into the sun without flinching as if wielding it to set faster. I was hungry and I knew our prey was out there waiting to be hunted.

"Why are we waiting then?" Silas asked and Alexander looked at him and shrugged, "It has been me and Cheyenne's tradition to wait till sunset for many years before you came. We intend to keep it." He said with a strict tone knowing Silas was quick to argue. Silas set his jaw wanting to protest the fact but the stern look in Alexander's eyes said it would get him no were.

I smiled glad it meant enough to Alexander to defend against change and keep. I always enjoyed our tradition. It meant a lot to me and I hoped he felt the same. Alexander glanced at me and winked his lips twitching slightly. I looked at November who had stopped looking at the grass and was smoothing her strawberry blonde hair. "Are you excited?" I asked her, but at first she didn't know who I was talking to but then she looked at me, "Are you talking to me?" She asked and I smiled and nodded, "Yes dear." She shrugged, "I guess so..." She sounds uncertain though.

I'm about to ask her why but then Violet say, "It's time... sunset has arrived." She sounds pleased. I immediately look up and surely enough the sun has set over the horizon, glittering stars mix in the colors of sunset and it's a beautiful sight. I sigh with satisfaction and Violet and Silas stand and race into the woods together. Alexander stands ready to call after them but I put a hand on his, "Let them," I say and smile at him.

He smiles back and offers me a hand and I take it and he helps me up. He doesn't let go when I stand and we walk off the porch hands entwined. November follows silently behind us."I love sunset." I say staring breathlessly up at the beautiful sky. Alexander smiles, "Yeah," He says with a sigh. We walk towards the sunset like we always do heading towards the field and ignore Violet's and Silas's trail knowing they'll catch up to us on their own time. We only do this once every year on our coven's anniversary of coming together.

We walked silently and were almost to the field when we heard crashing through the brush. Alexander tensed ready for a fight if it were something dangerous-
Suddenly a nervous looking Violet stepped out of the brush her silver purple eyes wide as she chewed her bottom lip. Her clothes slightly tattered.
"Violet, where did you come from?" I asked casually and curious. "I-I don't know..." She stuttered and trailed off. I cocked my head wondering what was wrong. "What's wrong?" I ask but she shakes her head.

"Wait," Alexander says, "Where's Silas?" His eye brows knitted together. She tried to look away before he could look directly in to her eyes. But it was too late his eyes locked on hers and he read her mind. his jaw clenched tightly as his eyes turned to stone. "Violet, Where is he?"

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