The Blood Coven -New Rewrite-

The Blood Coven -New Rewrite-

picture is of my new char. Enjoy!!
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Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Disappointment

Violet's pov.

As soon as the sun sets I smile, "It's time...sunset has arrived." I announce and Cheyenne looks up at the sky and a slow smile sets on her pale lips.
I look at Silas who smiles at me, a challenging smile and a raise an eyebrow wondering what it is he is challenging me to.

"3...2...1...GO!" He says under his breath and races off the porch into the woods; I know then and race after him quickly. A foot race is what he wanted then a foot race is what he would get.

I followed his trail gaining on him hastily, desperately wanting him to taste the bitterness of losing. I had been friends with Silas for a very long time.
He was a good friend to me and I found myself falling in love with him. I didn't know how to tell him so he never knew. It was always a competition to him and just friendship...

I heard his booming laughter in front of me, "Did you get lost back there Violet?" He asked mockingly I sped up until I was running alongside him. "Nope but you will!" I say as I run past him. I keep running not looking back assuming he's following me and trying to keep up with me.

Trees rushed by me as I ran towards the field where the winner would wait and gloat as the looser arrived. I smiled as I broke through the tree, "Ha I beat-" I turned around and there was no one there. "You..." I finished lamely to absolutely no one.

"Silas?" I asked there was no answer just silence. "Silas this isn't funny." I say knowing how he liked a good prank.

I stepped back into the woods and looked around. I didn't smell his sent around the trail... I had lost him long before here.

"Silas!" I called loudly I was getting anxious... I decided to retrace my steps to find where I lost him.

I run back following our trail until I find where the sent went cold. When I passed him... Was he just being a bad sport or pranking me? I ask myself.
Then I smell a different sent. It is nor mine or Silas's. It was bittersweet with a fruity fragrance.

Oh my god. I think angrily, Silas we're supposed to stick to the diet. I'm about to start tracking him down and stop him from doing something he'll regret. I have to stop him... but then the wind blows and the sent is carried with it. I can't track him now... I don't know what to do. The only thing I think I can do is get help but I know how much trouble he'll be in if I tell them he went after a human.

Silas I'm sorry. I think as I run hastily through briar bushes and zigzag by the trees. I run and try to find the only help I can find- Alexander and Cheyenne.
I run and finally I crash through the brush and out of the woods and on the trail...
I look nervously at my coven and chew my lip. "Violet, where did you come from?" Cheyenne asked casually and curious. "I-I don't know..." I stuttered and trailed off.

Cheyenne cocked her head wondering what was wrong. "What's wrong?" She asks but I shake my head, not wanting to tell them. "Wait," Alexander says, "Where's Silas?" His eye brows knitted together. I tried to look away before he could look directly in to my eyes knowing he'll find out what happened... But it was too late his eyes locked on mine and his jaw clenched tightly as his eyes turned to stone. "Violet, Where is he?" He growled.

"I-I" Stutter and a sob chokes out knowing they are mad. "I lost him... In the woods... H-he caught a sent..."

Cheyenne's eyebrows knit together confused. "What kind of sent?" She asks and I hold my breath. "A human's." Alexander lets a low growl escape his throat and Cheyenne gasped and covered her mouth. "Oh god..." Her eyes widened.

"Why didn't you stop him?" Alexander barked with rage. "I-I didn't get a chance to. I didn't know what had happened till I turned around in the field and found him gone and when I found the two scents the wind messed up the trail."
His eyes where dead cold. "We have to find him now!" He ordered He looked at Cheyenne, "You come with me." She nodded.

His dark eyes skipped over me and went to November's, "You go home." November nodded and turned and started to run home with no argument. He turned back to Cheyenne. "Let's go-" He was about to follow my trail and go after him when I broke in and asked.

"Where do I go?" He didn't look at me because he was so disgusted to find out we weren't following his diet. "You go home. You might not be able to control yourself either." He barked bitterly.

He turned quickly away following the trail and scent the best he could. Cheyenne looked at me pitifully as I stared at the ground feeling ashamed for everything.

She opened her mouth to say some words of comfort but Alexander's shrill voice stopped her. "Cheyenne." He barked. She sighed and put a comforting hand on my shoulder but I shrugged it off.

I walked away from her then but I wasn't going home...


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