The Blood Coven -New Rewrite-

The Blood Coven -New Rewrite-

picture is of my new char. Enjoy!!
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Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Smitten

Silas's pov.

I was chasing Violet after she passed me when suddenly I caught a scent that captured my complete and undivided attention. It was bittersweet with a fruity fragrance.

Just one smell and I was hooked.

I forgot about everything else except the scent before me and the delicious reward that would follow it. I started tracking it immediately. I ran faster and hastier than I ever had before. I had never wanted human blood this bad before. I found myself wondering if it was going to taste as good as it smelt.

Nothing came close to crossing my mind at that point except blood washing into my mouth and down my throat. The rules didn't matter anymore there was something out there I wanted and I was going to have it. I decided that I should run out in front of my prey so it would make the task of taking it down easier.

I took off the trail when the scent got stronger and closer. My mouth watered. When I stopped smelling it I stepped back on to the trail and waited until a girl fell into my view...

Ava's pov.

Oh mi god where am I? I think, frustrated. Well that's just great you've done gotten lost trying to find dang phone reception!

I mentally kick myself for acting so stupidly. Which way to the camp site again? I ask myself not remembering and wishing I paid a little more attention or stayed on the trail.

If my stupid freak' in friends didn't decide to go camping instead of to the concert we wouldn't be here and I wouldn't be lost! I remind myself to kill Jared for suggesting the whole idea.

'Camping will be fun.' He said, I'm not having much fun being lost am I? No I didn't think so. I flip my phone shut and place it in my back pocket giving up on reception and deciding to not get even more lost.

It was getting late I needed to find my way back before dark or I would be screwed for sure. I turn in a circle deciding if I should turn around and go in the direction I had come.

When I turn back around I nearly jump out of my skin. A guy with curly blonde hair, dark eyes and broad shoulders stands in front of me arms crossed. His face partly submerged in shadows.

"Oh," I say in a breathless voice one hand on my heart. "You scared me!" He just smiled but didn't say anything so I continued and walked toward him.

"I uh, got lost." I say laughing, "I came camping with my friends and I was supposed to call my dad to tell him what we decided to do. So I tried to get service and got lost." I smile friendly.

As I get closer I start to notice how odd he looks. His dark eyes are wildish and he stares at me intensively. "Are you... okay?" I ask a little suspiciously.

A gust of wind blows around me swirling my hair. Then within seconds he's closed the distance between us. I stumble backwards, tripping and his pale hand shoots out and grabs my wrist tightly.

I yelp and he pulls me to him. "Someone! Help!" I scream and try to pull away and hit him but he grabs both my hands in one of his squeezing tight enough to break my wrists.

I jerk and almost scream as the pain explodes up my arms. My heart pounded as my mind raced. Oh god! I have to get free and... Fight! I give him a sharp kick to the shin but it does absolutely nothing when he should have dropped.

He chuckled then and pulled me close smelling my hair and whispers in my ear, "I like fighters." I scream and pray that someone hears me.

Then he's at my neck and pain shoots through me, my body is racked with pain. The pain is all I can think about drowning out my instinct. I feel as though my body is slowly being drained.

Have... to... fight... I think dully as a warm feeling takes over me. I feel his cold hands cup my face and I reach up with my hand pull one hand away and bite down hard...

He lets out a whimper and snaps back from me. I collapse unable to stay on my feet. He lets out a growl towards me and glares and he clutches his wrist.

My eyes slowly close and darkness falls around me... I knew I had lost but had also won...

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