The Blood Coven -New Rewrite-

The Blood Coven -New Rewrite-

picture is of my new char. Enjoy!!
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Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Caught Red Handed

Silas's pov.

I carried the girl as we headed back to the house. I grumbled about rather dying than being responsible for someone. I knew Alexander was glaring daggers at my back as I walked and I found myself wishing he'd choke on them.

I cursed as I stumbled and grunted. I was walking down an incline carrying my weight and another person.

Finally I saw the glow and sighed. I was just glad she stopped screaming. That almost broke my eardrum. I swear if she ever screams again... I think ruefully

She groaned and I glanced down to see if I was holding her right. I finally reached solid ground. Alexander must be enjoying this. I think bitterly,

"You bet your fangs on it." He growls I just roll my eyes. I climb the porch steps and switch her weight to one arm and twist the door knob and kick it open. Cheyenne makes a protesting sound in the back of her throat.

I see November jump in surprise and look as we walk in the house. Cheyenne examines the damage and shuts the door gingerly. "November get off the couch!" I snap but she ignores me or doesn't hear me, one.

"Honey get off the couch." Cheyenne says sweetly and November smiles and stands up. I give her a look and put the girl on the couch and she groans again and grips her neck tightly.

"Where's Violet?" Cheyenne asks as she removes her shoes and places them by the door. She's speaking to November.
"I don't know." November says sitting down on the floor and returning to her cartoons.

I flop down in an arm chair and sigh. Glad to get to rest. Alexander clear's his throat, "Up," I look at him eyebrows knitted together. "Up." He says again and I growl and give him a look. He gives one right back as I stand. He steps around me and plops down.

"Ah," He sighs, "that was hard work, huh Cheyenne?" She gives him a 'don't start it' look. Then sweeps off towards the Kitchen, "November help me fix dinner?" She asks and November gets up with the remote and walks towards me with it.

I smile, heck yeah! I get the remote! Then she turns abruptly on her heels and tosses it to Alexander and gives me a smirk. I growl at her and Alexander gives me a look saying, 'don't even try it.'

The girl whimpers on the couch and Alexander glances at her while I stare at the T.V acting like I didn't hear it. "You should probably take care of that." Alexander says and I hold back a snide comment. But make sure to think it nice and loud so he can hear it.

'I wasn't asking. I was telling.' He said and I stand giving him the most hateful look I can manage. I pick her up again and head for the stairs. Stupid.. Mhm. I think as I take them two at a time to get to the top quickly.

I take her up towards my room because it's the only one I have a key to. They lock up the other rooms only giving the key to which it belongs to. This keeps us from 'snooping.' As Alexander puts it.

I switch her weight to one arm as I dig in my pocket for a key and resist the urge to kick this door in too. Then I think, what the heck, it's my door. I smile wickedly and kick the door open.

I can hear Cheyenne groan in the kitchen with protest. They make my life hll I make theirs.* I think bitterly and place the girl on my bed. Then go to my bathroom and get the things needed to fix up the bite on her neck.

I get peroxide to clean it and a cotton ball. It would keep her from getting an infection, though I didn't think it was possible, Mr. Alexander-know it all thought so.

I sigh and perch on the edge of the bed. I twist the lid off the peroxide and damp the cotton ball. Then rub it on the wound. She winces and tries to roll over but I grab her around the waist and pull her back over. "Hang on it will only hurt a little." I mumble then think how stupid I'm being for talking to her.

I throw the cotton ball away and replace the peroxide in my medicine cabinet. "Your good to go-" I found myself talking to her again. I hit my self in the head and mutter stupid under my breath.

"The girl isn't even awake and you're talking to her, Silas." I say and roll my eyes. Wait a second. The girl? Doesn't she have a name? Do I know it? I don't remember. I'm suddenly annoyed with the fact that I don't and wonder if she has some ID on her.

I can't sustain my curiosity and reach into her pocket and find a phone. Close enough. I think with a shrug. I turn the phone on and it makes a loud ding, ding, ding, ding! I make a face.

I'm about to check her note pad when a white box flashes up- 'Incoming message!' it reads and starts to load it- slowly. I resist the urge to break it and try waiting patiently. I'm about to throw it when the message pops up. The chat was with Jared-

'Yo where are you?'

Another pops up from Emily this time.-

'Ava, Girl where you at?'

Ava! Her names Ava. I find myself still curious and keep reading her texts. Another really long one pops up and I scroll as I read. Her dad this time.-

'Ava Crystal Grey why haven't you called me? You were supposed to call me when you all made up your mind of what you were going to do. If you're going to that concert it better be appropriate and you better stay at a GIRLS house not Jared's like last time.'

Another from her father came up.-

'If you're going camping then don't forget to use bug spray and sun screen. Sleep in a tent with a GIRL. NOT JARED. You know how I feel about that boy! Well call me when you get a chance. Love you sweetheart.'

Wow. I laugh and turn it off and place it on the night stand. I leave her on my bed not feeling like carrying her down stairs and asking Alexander for a key then carrying her back up to the third floor to the guest room.

I shut and lock my door behind me in case she woke up. Then I walked down the stairs to find Alexander waiting for me with a grin. "Punishment time Silas!" He said with a tone too cheery for his words. "I thought she was my punishment?" I ask and he shakes his head grinning. "Nope. She's only part of it."

Cheyenne's pov.

I was in the kitchen making stir fry, I was heating up the stove and cooking the meat while November chopped vegetables for it. Then suddenly I heard a loud crash knowing Silas had just kicked the door in, to his room I groan.

I sigh, "Why can't he just behave?" I mumble not expecting an answer. "He's a guy." November says and I laugh. "So true honey, so true." "Hey now, some guys are perfect." Alexander calls from the living room. "Hmm, sorry I don't know any that are." I tease and hear him huffs exasperatedly.

"I was talking about myself." Alexander says and November snickers and I laugh.

After a few minutes of silence Alexander sighs and comes into the kitchen. "Wow, I'm so bored." He peaks over my shoulder at dinner and wraps an arm around my waist. "I'm cooking go away." He chuckles.

"You might not know a perfect guy but I know a perfect girl." I smile and November makes a gagging sound.

"There's a kid in the kitchen and she says she doesn't wanna see this." November says talking in third person and we laugh.

"Well I'm going to do something fun- Like punish Silas!" He says and smiles. I roll my eyes, "You are so obnoxious" I laugh and he winks. "Don't be too hard on him!" I call as he walks to the stairs and waits.
"Lazy!" I hollered and he laughs.

"I don't have to go up when he'll come down." He says with a shrug leaning on the railing.

November passes me the vegetables, "Thanks hon. you can go watch T.V"
"After you answer my question." She says and I signal for her to continue.

"Well like... Why is, like the chick here?" She asks and I can't help but chuckle at her terms of speech.

" 'The Chick,' is here because she is Silas's punishment." She cockz her head.
"How is she a punishment? I mean Silas is a guy and guys like girls so he would be glad to have a girl here for him.. I mean unless he's gay. But I hope not-"

"I hope not too." I say with a chuckle.
She laughs too, "I don't get it is all." She says and I stir the food as I answer,
"Well she's a punishment because when he ran off he attacked her and drank from her," She gasped her eyes wide. She knew how we didn't allow it.

"But we don't allow that." She says and I nod and continue.

"But instead of killing her. She was accidentally turned into a vampire, we usually kill newborns because their so dangerous but e are keeping her and making him responsible for her."

She nods, "Oh. Well I think he deserves it."

I smile, "Of course you would." I say smiling sweetly at her and she bats her eye lashes.

"I'm going to watch T.V." She says and walks out. I hear Silas walk down the stairs.

"Punishment time Silas!" Alexander said cheerfully to Silas.

"I thought she was punishment?" Silas asked Alexander.

"Nope. She's only part of it." He leads Silas to his Office for a lecture and a punishment.


Violet's pov.

I sighed happily after feeding. The taste had been exquisite. The flavor lingered in my mouth as I walk home, practically d-runk on it. It was all I could think about. That, I think- Is the best thing I've had in years! I walk down the trail heading towards home. I'm glad that I decided to join them hunting. The blood was so different than I remember it. I must have forgotten after all this time. I don't feel any regret because that was the perk of my day. I think, knowing I'm smirking like an idiot.

How did I stop drinking something that taste so good? I reach the steep decline and head towards the glowing lights of the house. I hope no one noticed my absences too terribly. Though they were probably busy punishing Silas. Lillian was right, they would never know!
I laugh and walk up the porch steps.

I sigh and open the door. A new kinda air to me. I feel more alive and stronger even, happier, calmer too. I walked in. "Hi, November," I say as I close the door.
"Hi, Viol-" She stops and her eyes get wide. I laugh, "You're such a kid." I joke and walk in the kitchen.

"Hi Cheyenne!" I say cheerfully. "Hi, honey glad to see you in a better-" She stops mid sentence and spins away from the stove. Her eyes widen in shock. "Oh god Violet, you didn't!" She says breathlessly. I cockz my head, "I didn't what?" I ask confused at first.

"You drank human blood!" She hissed and a lump formed in my throat. "No I didn't," I lie- terribly. She sighs and rubs her temples. "Violet." She says shaking her head. "I am very disappointed." I bite my lip. Should I take the blame or tell her who coaxed me into it? Deciding I didn't want to ruin my chance to hang with them again I take the blame.

"I'm sorry Cheyenne.." I say ducking my head and looking at the floor. She sighs, "You're lucky, you know." She says and I look up curiously as she turns back to plate the dinner. "If Alexander wasn't so mad I would tell him. But because he is, I will not tell him."

I bit back a mischievous smile and try to work the guilt thing. "Thank you so much!" I grovel and she shakes her head. "You're welcome but if you ever come home like this again I will tell him no matter if he is in a mood or not." I nod acting like it scares me.

"Now clear the thought of it from your mind and go gather everyone its dinnertime." I nod and walk in the living room. "Dinner time kid-o." I say to November who rolls her eyes. "I think you deserve the same punishment as Silas." She chirps and I growl and she rushes into the kitchen where Cheyenne could keep me from getting her.

I rush up the stairs and to the third floor and knock on the office door. "Come in." Alexander calls and I open the door. "Cheyenne said, 'dinner time.'" I call and he nods. "Silas your dismissed." Silas gets a look in his eyes and I know he has a comment he's swallowing for the best.
He turns and looks at me and cockz his head. I smile and head down stairs. They follow me to the kitchen where the table is already set. November has claimed her seat next to Cheyenne and Alexander takes his next to her.

I take my original seat but Silas sat at the other end of the table. "Let's say grace!" Cheyenne chirps and November rolls her eyes- she's atheist. "Can we skip it?" She asks, and Cheyenne gives her the, 'I'm not arguing about this again,' look and she gets quiet as Alexander says the blessing.

Cheyenne, Alexander and November eat heartedly and Silas picks at his food. I bit my lip. I was too full to eat. Cheyenne gives me a look from the table and gives a small nod towards Alexander. I sigh accidentally and gain every one's attention.

"What's the matter? Do you not like stir fry?" November asks with a mischievous gleam in her eye. I resist the urge to hiss at her and send her scrambling for the stairs.

"No. I like stir fry." I say and take a big bite. I chew and can't swallow because I'm too full. "You better eat that." Alexander says and I jump and look at him. He's glaring, but not at me. His glare went towards Silas.

Silas made a face and takes a small fork full. Then gags. Cheyenne looks up and glares towards him. "What did you just do?" She asked. He made an 'mhm' sound. She nodded and took another bite.

"So how is the girl?" Cheyenne says towards Silas and I cox my head curiously. Who are they talking about? "Well Ava hasn't screamed in a while so I guess she's fine." He says smiling.

Who? "Her names is Ava?" She asks and
he nods, Cheyenne smiles, "What a pretty name." November rolls her eyes. "What about my name?" November asks, "That's a pretty name too honey." November smiles proudly. Alexander finishes his plate and gets the saucer-pan and scoops some more onto his plate.

"I think Silas would like some more." He says and before Silas can stop him there is another scoop on his plate. Silas looks at his plate and sighs heavily. I feel pity towards him.

"Now who is this girl?" I ask,

"Ava." Silas corrects. "Is a house guest." Alexander chuckles. "Oh no. She is a permanent member and your responsibility." He directs towards Silas. My eyebrows shoot up.

"Why is she...?" I trail off and Alexander answers. "Well he attacked her, drunk from her and turned her so instead of killing the newborn vampire we are keeping her and punishing him." My jaw drops.

"She's a-" I glare at Silas. He bites his lip and smiles guiltily. My eyes turn hot with anger. "Why didn't you just kill her?!" I ask.

Cheyenne, Alexander look ready to protest. "Violet!" Cheyenne said sternly. "I will hear of no such thing!" She said exasperatedly.

"Violet. It is a punishment I deem appropriate. Besides, she deserves a chance as well as any other vampire." Alexander's tone is strict but I ignore it.

"But-" I protest farther, he holds up his hand cutting me off. "I will say no more on the subject and you would be wise to follow my example." I sigh and remove myself from the table. I dump the stir fry in the trash and place the plate in the sink.
I stomp up to my room. I couldn't hear one more word about that girl.

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