For Those of You Who Read My Things XD

Well, most of other people who are writing numerous things have these up, so I might as well do the same xD I'm an organized person (somewhat) and I'd like to stay that way.

I'll post updates about my stories and writings every few days or so :)

Chapter 3

Again, More Apologies

I will not be online for about the next 5 or 6 days or so. I'm going to a summer camp for my church, and it's gonna be a blast! So when I do come back, I'll probably be exhausted xP Please bear with me though!

Still nothing online. Ideas in my head and paper. A long way to go if you want the truth :-S

Hell Has Walls
I wrote the prologue to this story while on a plane traveling back from Yellowstone. I'll do you all a favor and post it up before I leave for my summer camp today :) For those of you who might have forgotten, this will be my horror/suspense/thriller story. Enjoy!

Green Lantern Fanfic
Still no official title, and I still need to get some more background information on it. If anyone has some good recommendations (such as websites, books, etc) that I could use to gain some information on the Green Lantern stuff, I would be deeply appreciative!

Monster High
Might just leave the title as that. But, I am now making a two-author story :) I am writing the story alongside IceCreamAndSprinkles.
NOTE: For this story, I changed a few things. The main character is no longer a werewolf. The main character is YOU. IceCreamAndSprinkles and I are going to basically write about your high school (or school in general) experiences, except we're translating them into a mythical and monster origin. P.S. I'm making a separate little story for this which explains everything in further detail.

Yupp, this seems about it. :)

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