100 Truths About Me :)

I saw bunch of peope doing this, so I figured I would do one too. :)This was actully a lot of fun, so I challenge my Quibblo friends to do the same!!

Chapter 1

100 Truths

1. Last drink..... uhh… jeez I think some orange juice :)

2. Last phone call..... To my mom (Wow don’t I sound cool lol XD)

3. Last text message.... From my friend Rachel

4. Last song I listened to..... She’s Leaving Home by the Beatles

5. Last time I cried..... I don’t really remember… it’s so weird because normally I do remember

6. Gotten back with someone I broke up with...... Nope

7. Been cheated on...... Nope

8. Kissed someone & regretted it....... Nope

9. Lost someone special........ My kitten Sadie was hit by a car last three years ago, and my best friend from 1st grade left my school to be homeschooled

10. Been depressed...... yeah, when I was like 8. I was a pretty dark soul

11. Been drunk and threw up...... never been drunk. I guess I’m not cool, my mom lets me drink some of her wine when she has it but most of the time I won’t because it smells nasty :P

12. Purple is my all time fave. Like Georgie! :)
13. I always liked yellow. Probably because no one else does and I think it’s cute with purple
14. Either green (like Johnny :)) or turquoise.

15. Made a new friend...... oh yeah, a whole bunch. Alison, Bri, Aubrey, Hannah… the list goes on. Friend wise, this was a good year

16. Fallen out of love...... never had a boyfriend, but I’ve convinced myself that I was in love with two boys, one of which turned out to be a redneck a**hole and the other one I just didn’t like anymore

17. Laughed until you cried....... just last night for no reason at all!

18. Met someone who changed me this year..... YES! I met a girl named Aubrey who’s so different and special and creative and I love her <3

19. Found out who my true friends are....... yep. I have those friends who I used to think were true friends, but now I’ve realized they’re just kind of regular friends, ya know?

20. Found out someone who has just been talking about me..... Yep. It wasn’t fun.

21. Kissed anyone on Facebook.... You can do that? What do you do, just type kiss with two little stars around it?

22. How many of your Quibblo friends do you know in real life...... Zip. I knew the Quibblo friend roses_are_forever, but she quit Quibblo :’( But I love all my new Quibblo friends! :)

23. Eye Color… Blue. I hate to sound narcissistic, but I love my eyes. :) I have bright blue eyes and long lashes, they’re my fave feature. But I think everybody has pretty eyes. I’ve never seen ugly eyes, ya know? Well, maybe Justin Bieber’s. But everything about him is ugly.

24. Pets..... two kittys, Audrey and Lacey and a fish named Bartholomeu. (I named him after a Beatles cartoon episode!)

25. Changing name..... Would I change my name? Eh, maybe. I don’t like my REAL name, Adelaine (adele-lay-n) but I like Addie. Plus, my dad kind of named me after Abbey Road, because my name is Addie Rose. Addie Rose, Abbey Road? Get it?

26.Last birthday..... Almost a year ago, July 14th. (The French Revolution) I turned 13.

27. Time I woke up...... 9:40. I hate spending half my summer sleeping, I feel so lazy.

28. At midnight........ I was watching Forrest Gump with my brother

29. Something I can't wait for....... my upcoming birthday, my room redo.

30. Last time I saw my Mother..... Like a half an hour ago. She’s currently mowing the lawn.  Go mom!

31. One thing I could change....... where I live. I hate my cute little small town. I want to live in New York City. Oh, and my face shape. I hate how round my face is. :(

32. Listening to..... Tiny Dancer by Elton John. I love this song so much. When I get married, I want it to be my and my husband’s song, since my last name is Dancer. :) But I’m not tiny… I’m average size… oh well lol :)

33. Talked to a person named Tom....... I have a great Uncle Tom, but I haven’t talked to him in forever. Why does he get to be my great uncle? My other uncles are great too.

34. Getting on my nerves...... The heat. I’m NOT a hot weather person. I like fall better

35. Most visited web page.... Quibblo, for sure :)

36. Real name....... Adelaine Rose Dancer

37. Nicknames.... Addie, Popsicle, Ad, Mrs. Lennon (ok, maybe I call myself that :))

38. Relationship status......... Single. Not hating it, mostly because I really don’t like anyone in my town, but I would like to have a bf…

39. Zodiac sign.... Cancer. It claims cancer people are soft and sweet and sensitive, but I don’t think I am…

40. Gender....... Proud female

41. Primary school.... You mean elementary? The one in my town. Not giving away location

42. Middle school...... Currently learning at (Town Name) Middle School. Yeah, aren’t we clever at naming schools?

43. High school...... not yet, but will most likely go to (Town Name) High School. Again, so clever with names.

44. Hair color...... Natural blond. :) I put in a purple streak once and I LOVED it. I wonder what I would look like brunette sometimes. I actually think blond jokes are funny, so feel free to tell them :)

45. Length..... Uhh… average?

46. Height...... 5’4, 5’5 maybe?

47. Skin… Pale white as heck baby

48. What do I really like about myself.... I like that I’m smart and politically aware, and that I like older music, unlike everyone else in my town. I love being unconventional, too. And I never (try) to cause drama. I like me :) (Sorry if I sound conceited, I just try to keep a high-self esteem!)

49. Piercings.... One in my ears. I don’t really want anymore, but my friend has two in her ear and it looks cool. And I know a lot of people don’t like gages or tongue rings or whatever, but come on, it’s their choice. They aren’t shoving rings down your throat or up your belly button, so just leave them alone

50. Tattoos..... None, but I want a peace sign on either my wrist or neck and one on my upper arm that says “All You Need is (Heart) is All You Need”

51. Right or left.... Righty :) But politically, I’m lefty


52. Surgery....... when I was 3 or 4, I got tubes in my ears

53. Piercing..... Uhh, ears. Did I not just say that?

54. Best friend..... Michaela, the one who left to be homeschooled. Or C.J., and we’re still friends, she’s one grade above me tho :(

55. Hero…. Probably Winnie the Pooh, :D but now it’s John Lennon <3

56. Love…. Sean Rutka, we kissed on the playground when I was four. I was his girlfriend for the rest of the day. Ahh young love. :)

57. Heartbreak… when the boy I liked found out I like him in 2nd grade, and he didn’t like me back

58. Death in the family… my Great Grandma, but I barely knew her. The first really sad death was my kitten Sadie.

59. Time you got grounded… when I was like 9 or 10. I wrote down a bunch of secrets in the password journal I got, and one of them was that I stole bunch of money from my brother. He read it, (the whole password thing SUCKS) he told on me, stupid little jerk  I couldn’t hang out with my friends for a month.

60. I'm about to...... change the song on my iPod. (Hey I did! Now it’s “In My Life” by the Beatles)

61. Listening to....... Haha I totally just answered that! :D Look up ^^

62. Waiting for...... My birthday… the weather to cool down… to be 16 and drive…. to be 18 and leave this damn town…

63. I'm feeling..... HOT!! Haha not sexy (tho some may disagree ;) lol jk!) but it’s hot in the house. Also annoyed because my mother just walked by and told me that it was a beautiful day and I should go outside and away from my beloved computer. Yeah, in the sweltering HEAT! Yuck. :P

67. Lips or eyes....... Uhh, I like eyes better. Lips can be creepy, like chapped or something, but eyes are almost always beautiful. Blue, green, brown, hazel, black, purple, grey, etc, I love all eye colors.

68. Hugs or kisses..... Depends on who is giving and receiving said hugs and kisses.

69. Shorter or taller..... I’m pretty happy with my height. Maybe a touch taller

70. Older or younger...... OLDER X1000 maybe guys will mature more when they are older. But either way, I could run away to New York if I was older

71. Romantic or spontaneous.... Both! I’m kind of a hopeless romantic, but I love the thought of running away on a whim with a love. sigh

72. Stomach or arms....... uhh… I dislike both. I hate my stomach and my upper arms

73. Sensitive or loud...... Really depends who I’m with

74. A hook-up or relationship...... Relationship, please. Hook-ups are for $lut$…


75. Kissed a stranger....... Nope

76. Drank hard liquor......... Nope

77. Lost glasses or contacts.... YES! I lost my beloved contacts once and found it all wrinkled and dried out on the floor the next day.

78. S_x on first date...... never been on a date, never had s_x so both are a negatory

79. Broken someone's heart...... Yes, but again, that’s when I was like 5 or 6. I was such a heartbreaker back then…

80. Been arrested..... Nope. I was once in the car when my dad got pulled over once.

81. Turned someone down...... Again, probably when I was like 5

82. Cried when someone died........ my kitten, but not an actual person. Well, I cried when a documentary I watched told me John Lennon died.

83. Fallen for a friend...... uhh don’t think so


84. Myself....... Yes. I do.

85 Society…… Um, some days are better than other. I believe in the society of some places, like New York. But Texas is lost. (Sorry Texas people!)

86. Heaven.... Yes, but not really a Christian heaven

87. Santa Claus....... Sadly, those days have long passed.

88. Love….. I believe it’s all you need.

89. Angels........ Well, maybe I would if I had a near-death experience, but I haven’t. Idk.

90. God..... I’m an agnostic, which means I’ve never seen evidence of a God, but I don’t necessarily not believe. It kind of means undecided.


91. Had more than one bf at a time..... Pssh, yeah right.

92. Did I sing today...... I belted my heart out to Green Day’s Jesus of Suburbia!

93. Did something illegal..... Yes. Me and my friend trespassed on a government-owned property. We thought we were so bad _ss we took pictures and ducked behind bushes every time a car passed.

94. Go back in time....... YES! Where are my Beatle people?? We’re going back to the 60’s! I would SO be a hippie!!

95. The biird is the woorrd................. Well everybody’s heard that the bird is the word!

96. Afraid of falling in love..... No, I want to see what it feels like. I can’t be afraid of what I don’t know, it’s against my philosophy.

97. Last time I lied...... Today. I’m a compulsive liar. No, I’m kidding, that was a lie. Or was it? Maybe that was a lie. Or maybe this is a lie. OR MAYBE THEY’RE ALL LIES!

98. Late, early, or Right on time......... I’m normally early to things, but I’m early to leave too.

99. Give my life for others....... Yes. But not everyone.

100. Am I afraid to post this......... Kind of. Don’t judge me, Quibblo friends.

I challenge you to do this to! Just erase my answers and do your own! I’d kill so see what you say!

Addie Rose


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