Just Another Joe Jonas Love Story (Part 4)

heyyy! Hope you're liking it! Thanks so much for reading... ENJOY ♥♥♥

Chapter 1

Part 4

Finally the rain came to an end. Joe looked down at you, "I had a great time Anne, you're really something different" you blush "I had a good time to" he smiles and takes your hand, leading you out of the park. "So I want to walk you home, is that alright?" he asks. You panic a little. You really didn't want him to know about your family issues. "umm, sure." you said hesitantly. So walking hand in hand for a few blocks, you finally come to a stop in front of your small apartment. He walks you up to the door. He laughs "I feel like I'm 15 again, walking a beautiful girl up to her door" you smile, "yeah.." he pushes a piece of your hair behind your ear and leans down and kisses your cheek. "I want to take this slow, I can't risk losing you" he says sweetly. You smile "bye Joe" and then your hands part and you open your door and once its shut you lean against it. Your head swirling, your heart pounding and a smile across your face. He was perfect ♥ Joe Point of View- Wow, I can't believe shes really into me. She has to be one of the most amazing girls you had ever met. You were a little worried to tell Nick and Kevin. But if you didn't they would tell that you were already head over heels for her. But how couldn't I be?! This girl will be mine... I'll make sure of it. TO BE CONTINUED


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