My 15 minutes of fame.. ~Justin Bieber love story~

You are medium height your friends are in love with Justin Bieber you dont like him that much. You play basketball and you sing. brown hair blue eyes and your nice but not that nice to people you dont like.

Chapter 1


by: Ashleigh
About time! Summer break is here. Now what should I do? I was at my locker grabbing things that i want to take home when my friends came running up to me. "_ can we have a ride home please?" Sam asked. I looked at her and looked at Tess. I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, are you going to spend the night at Sam's tonight Tess?" I asked closing my locker. We started walking to my car, "Yeah, were going to be jamming to some Justin Bieber music all night!" she squealed. I looked at them and lifted my eyebrows. "Awesome." I said getting into my car. sam sat up in the front and put on "Next to you" by Chris Brown and Justin Bieber. I have to admit, i like this song a lot. "Hey ___ Wanna stay the night too?" Sam asked. I laughed. "Right and watch you guys jam to justin bieber, besides i have work." I said keeping my eyes on the road. "Oh" she said. When we got to her house they got out and left. "Hey __ at least give him a chance! Bye loves you!" Tess said waving. I waved back. I pulled into my driveway and put on my outfit. I am a dance trainer and I also work at Olive garden, so after dance i go straight there. "Hey honey you have work today? We have guests coming around 10" Mom said slicing apples. "Yeah, i gotta go i'll be home at 9 30 and get ready k?" i said walking out the door. My boss told me that we have a special appearance thats going to dance with us today so i was kinda thrilled. I got to the studio and everyone was there. I got in front of the class and looked at them all. "Alright guys, i said we could all vote on a song to choreograph for. So any Ideas?" I asked looking around. A girl in the back said "Somebody to love; Justin Bieber" I heard a bunch of yeah and lets do it's. "Alright then. We will do that today, But I have news. We are supposed to have a special appearance today anyone know who or where he or she is?" I asked. As soon as i said it the same girl that mentioned the song screamed. "OH MY BIEBER. ITS JUSTIN BIEBER!!" I looked to where she was pointing and everyone started to get too excited. "You know instead of learning the dance we can do some drills." I said, they all calmed down. I smiled. Justin walked up to the front. ready and in line. " Justin. Your late." I said. He looked up. He wouldnt look away from me, and he bit his lip. "Sorry uh?" "__" he smiled. "Oh sorry _" he said. I nodded my head 'Oh my god, my boss knows i hate him this isnt right. Ugh'.... I looked at the class. "Ok so since Justin was late, someone fill him in as i work something up please." A guy next to him looked at him and told him we were doing his song. I was in the corner coming up with some moves. I finally got it down and turned around. Justin was watching me. I went to the closet and grabbed the stereo. "Crap! Uhm someone have his CD?" i asked. hitting my head. "Yeah i do, let me get it." justin said going to his bag. He handed it to me. "You carry around your own CD?" I asked him. he shook his hair and nodded. I put it in and taught them the routine. This is what we came up with in the end
Once we were all don i was getting some water. "Alright guys, great job today. We'll start up again tommorow. Think of songs! And dance moves! Remember tommorow is doubles." I said getting my stuff. "Hey _ You did great. I like the dance." Justin said. I looked up at him. "Uhm thanks, you to." i said. Justin went in to hug me. "Uh no thanks, I'm sweaty, and uh... I only hug people i like. Sorry." I said walking off leaving a very confused Justin. I threw my bag in the trunk and justin came running out. "what do you mean you dont like me? You dont know me!" i rolled my eyes. "Your a celebrity you go around like you own the world. You dont care about the people in poverty or anything! You just care about yourself!" I exclaimed. He looked stunned. I looked behind him, and there was a bodyguard. "Excuse me?! I went to Japan when no one else would because of the nuclear plant!" He yelled. I opened my car door. "For publicity Justin, Just to show you pretend to care. Now if you dont mind. I have to go to work" I said getting in my car. I pulled into my parking spot at Olive Garden and went to change. "Hey _ table 4 is ready to order." I walked to table 4 and saw it was Justin. He looks like he has been crying. "Welcome to Olive Garden, May i offer you our special today?" I asked. Justin looked up then back down. "What is your order today ma'am?" The buff guy asked. "Angel hair pasta with Alfredo sauce" I answered him. "I'll take that." He said. I turned to Justin. "And you sir?" "Same." i got their food and drinks and bought it back to the table. pretty soon it became late. it was 9 18. "Ma'am Can we get the check?" He asked. I felt pretty bad for making Justin cry. "Uhm,its on the house." i said walking away. "Hey __ since when do we give free meals?" My boss yelled. I looked back and Justin was staring at me. " Since now." i said taking my apron off. "Young lady dont talk to me like that" he said. My boss, who also is my step dad, i dont like him at all. " I'm glad my mom came to her senses and is divorcing you. Oh and by the way, I dont need this job. I have dance. So i quit" I said walking out. "You think your going to make it somewhere dancing?" He yelled, I just waved goodbye and went home. I walked into my house and looked at my mom all fancied up. "Mom, who are we meeting?' i asked curiously "Some old friends, you and her son were best friends. The picture on the fridge is of you and him, he has one to in his wallet, he was looking at it the other day all sad like" She said. I looked at the picture. He looked familiar. I went upstairs and changed into this. I put my hair into tight curls. I heard a knock on the door, and i was to nervous to answer it or see who it is. I heard someone talking "I cant wait to see how much she has grown" A woman said. Great whens the last time she saw me. Then I heard another voice " I wonder if she will remember me." His voice sounded to familiar. I went to the staircase and didnt see anyone. "Mom! Can Tess and Sam come?" I heard her shout yes. So i called them. "Hello?" Sam said. "Get into something really nice, like homecoming nice, nothing poofy or long, and come over. Both of you." I said. "Oh ok. Be over in ten!" Then she hung up..............

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