My 15 minutes of fame.. ~Justin Bieber love story~

You are medium height your friends are in love with Justin Bieber you dont like him that much. You play basketball and you sing. brown hair blue eyes and your nice but not that nice to people you dont like.

Chapter 2

Looking hot there

by: Ashleigh
I waited upstairs in my room until I heard knocking. My mom answered the door then I heard screaming. I ran downstairs tripping at the end, I was about to face plant it until someone caught me. "Oh my gosh _ He is holding you" Sam said catching her breath. "Whats the big deal he caught me so i wouldnt hurt myself" I said straightening my dress. "Yeah, i did. Because I care" He said and walked away. I turned around and saw it was Justin Bieber. I ran after him and grabbed his arm. "Me you pool now." I said pulling him. I sat in a lawn chair and so did he. "You knew this whole time that we were best friends? Didnt you?" I asked. He looked at me. "Yeah, a little bit, i didnt want to say anything because i wanted to surprise you." he said sadly. "Well thats just awesome Justin. Because I cant hate my best friends." i said it was quite for awhile. "Listen Justin. Those things I said. About you not caring. I was speaking out of anger. I just have this thing about famous people like if they think their hot stuff " i said. Justin was still quite. "__ while i was on tour, the only thing that got me excited when it was ending was coming to see you." He said. I didnt know what to say. "We were best friends, but what tore us apart?" I asked. "Your mom told me you might not remember most things because your accident. I became famous and had to move to LA" He said. "But i lived in LA my whole life." I said. "Like i said, memory loss." Justin said. I stood up and ran inside. "MOM!! Is there something you would like to fill me in on? Like oh i dont know an accident for 1" I said confused, Justin walked in and his mom gave him the look. "Well, honey, your wernt born in LA, you were born in Canada. And your dad was picking you up from school and he got into a terrible accident, he died. You suffered from memory loss." I had to sit down. "Its gonna get awkward in here. Did i ever, like Justin more than a friend?" I asked. My mom looked at his mom and they both looked at me. " Yeah." she said. I turned red. And covered my face. "Its really nice telling me this mom." I said sarcastically. "Honey, This was the time period when Justin was leaving, the doctors said that if you dont get your memory back in a week or 2 then give you a shot that will make you remember I didnt want to give it to you since you would have to be sad about Justin leaving. So if you want it now...?" I took a breath. I looked at everybody. then back at my mom. "A shot? as in a needle?" I squealed. she shook her head yes. "Fine, but if i freak out I'm sorry." I said. "We will all be right here, no need to freak. Your not going to die stupid." Sam teased. I looked at her and smiled. "Hey Sam?" i said "Hm?" She replied "Justin's taking his shirt off." She screamed then fainted. "K ready." I said laughing. My mom got the shot on top of the fridge and got it ready. "Think happy thought think happy thoughts' i repeated. Out of no where i felt a sharp pain on my arm. Once that was done i got up and went to sit on the couch. i was mad, mad at myself and mad at everyone else. Justin sat on the couch next to me and Tess and Sam sat in the chairs. "Be right back" I said walking upstairs. Once i was in my room i let it out. "WHAT THE FREAK AGHHH" Then i calmed down. I heard laughing downstairs then went back down there. I sat back on the couch. "Mom, why are we all dressed up if were not eating" I asked. "I'm not dressed up hun, you are." I looked down at myself. "Well thats gonna change, I'm going swimming. Anyone wanna join?" I asked. I got nods. "Wait My bathing suit is at home." Tess said. "No there both here. Leggo" I said getting up. Justin grabbed my arm. "You said leggo. I always say that." He said. I looked at him. "I have said it since i was 11" I said simply. "Yeah, you got it from me." He said smiling. I shook my head. "Cool, now bieber go get dressed." I said leaving up to my room and this is what we all had on Us girls all ran downstairs. While we were changing, my friends made me listen to Justin's music, now I'm obsessed they call it bieber fever. "JUSTIN" Sam shouted. Justin came running out of the bathroom shirtless. She fainted, but i caught her. "Way to go dude." I said laughing. Sam isnt the lightest but not the heaviest either. I picked her up and walked towards the pool. Tess and Justin were behind me. I could hear Tess telling Justin that i have bieber fever. Out of no where i hear him scream. "YESSSS" I laughed. Once i was at the edge of the pool, sam still in my arms. "Sam, you better wake up or i will throw you in." She woke up instantly. "Dont! Please!!" So i sat her down and put my feet in the pool. Tess jumped in, then sam. It was just me and Justin left. i stood up and walked away from the edge. I saw sam get out and run towards Justin, she caught him off guard and pushed him in. I laughed and started running. Justin then got out and chased me. I saw sam and tess get out too. "Oh this isnt fair 3 against 1." i said. they had all corners of the pool blocked. i ran towards the house but someone caught me. It was Justin. "No please." i said. I did this thing that i do with my eyes, like i soften them in a way. He looked at me again and bit his lip. He stepped closer to the edge I gripped him tighter, he took another step and i hid my face in his chest. "I'm liking this. Maybe I shouldnt stop." He laughed. "Ugh Justin! I'll jump in by myself!"I screamed. He stepped back and put me down. I started walking to the diving board. But something was pulling me back. "Uhh Justin, I kinda need my waist to walk." I said blushing. "Oh right." He said letting go. When he let go I almost face planted it again but he caught me and turned me around. " Your a klutz" he whispered to me really close to my face. "Well, maybe I'm really not, maybe I'm just looking for an excuse to be in your arms" I said smirking. He leaned closer and stopped a centimeter from my lips. "Dont tempt me." He said getting serious. I leaned up a little bit almost touching his lips he pulled me up more. I turned my head and kissed his cheek. I could feel the heat of his blushing, kinda like i was. He let go off me still blushing. "Hey _ how come you get all the hot guys!" Tess screamed. I laughed. "Wait hot guy where!" i said turning all around fixing my hair. " ___!!! " Sam yelled splashing me. I walked over to Justin who had his head down. "Oh this hotty?? Psh I dont have him" I said looking at him. he was stll looking down. I peaked under his chin and saw him.. "Why on earth would you ever hide those amazing eyes?" I asked he looked up and smiled. I smiled back then dove in. When i came up for air Tess shoved me under water. I decided to play a prank on her. i acted dead. I heard her scream then i heard justin jump in. someone grabbed my waist and pulled me up. I came up coughing. "Justin i got water in my nose." I said laughing. he looked at me seriously. "Dont ever do that again! Promise me?" He said still holding me. I looked at him in the eyes. He looked scared. "Sorry.... I wont do it ever again, I promise." I said softly still laughing. I was still having trouble being able to breath because my head hurt so i rested against justin's chest. "I could fall asleep here." I said, He just laughed and held me. "Justin do you have a twin?" Sam asked. " Sam really?? Just go out with him he is available." I muttered. "Yeah says the girl resting on his chest." She pointed out. I laughed and sat up a little still resting on him my legs around his waist. "I cannot help it if he is comfortable." I pointed out to her she just shrugged. "__ Justin, Sam, And tess are staying the night!" My mom yelled. "Kay!" I screamed back then looked at them all.

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