A Damon Salvatore Love Story

A Damon Salvatore Love Story

Damon Salvatore is the best vampire ever...Enough said...
Character Name:Carrie
Age:20, but was turned when she was 17
Blue/Green/Grey eyes, Honey-Blonde hair (w/emo bangs)

Chapter 2


Aunt Jess and I had unloaded all of our things our of the car and into our new house the afternoon we got there, because I had school, and she had a job interview at the Grill. She'd come home afterwards ecstatic that she'd gotten the job.

I was walking to school now, my black and blue hoodie on, and earbuds in my ears. There was barely anyone out on the streets this early in the morning, and even less out walking. I seemed to be the only one, though I knew better. I could tell there was another vampire nearby, and the familiar scent suggested it was either Stefan or Damon. There were the scents of so many vampires, it was hard to distinguish between the brothers.

I called out, just loud enough for any vampire in the vicinity to hear. "Damon...Is that you I hear?" There were some curses uttered and Damon appeared before me. "I knew I smelled you."

"And you just couldn't resist forcing me over..." He said it with a note of disdain.

"I know you hate me for what i've done, but it was neccesary. Both for me, and for you."

"How was it neccasary for me? How could I possibly benfit from being compelled to be your slave..."

"I didn't compel you to be my slave, I compelled you to come to me whenever I called. there's a difference."

"And that would be? Thanks to you, I have almost no thoughts of my own anymore." I laughed, and Damon gave me a dirty look.

"I am sorry for that...Come here." Damon let me put my hands on his face, and I looked into his bright blue eyes. "You are allowed to have your own thoughts again, but must still come to me when called." I let go and he shook his head. "Better?"

"Much...But why the other part? You feeling lonely?" Damn smirked and I grimaced.

"Hardly. There is so much happening in this town already, and with the way I am...You'll see the benefit of what i've done soon enough."

"The way you are? Is that supposed to be scary?"

"For someone like you, yes." We were downtown now, about halfway to the school.

"What about someone like me? The charming stud type?"

"Don't get cocky. Someone like you, as in a vampire. A vampire I happen to hate because he ruined my life. Actually, anyone in this town is in danger. More than the usual." Damon chuckled.

"So you are an evil b!t*h...Such a wonderful thought." I punched Damon's arm, and he gritted his teeth. "That hurt."

"It was supposed to. I've told you what I am, but you don't really understand. I haven't transformed into a wolf for about 2 years now, and it's been about the same since i've had human blood. You know what happens when a vampire goes without human blood for long, don't you?" Damon nodded.

"All too well. Stefan has been on and off the wagon for decades. He's always worse just after a binge..."

"So you understand a little bit...And you understand how something builds and builds until you can't hold it in any longer. I don't want hurt any citizens of this town, but it gets harder each day to hold everything inside, to keep myself from transforming."

"So why did you come to me? You've made it obvious that you hate me, and there are others you can go to."

We were at the high school now, and looking across the front lawn, I could see Stefan and Elena over by the front doors. They were standing with a guy and two girls, talking and looking my way. I could hear their conversation as if I was standing with them.

Stefan-Her name is Carrie. She says she doesn't mean any harm.
Elena-We can't be sure of that though. What do you think Bonnie?
Bonnie-I can try to contact some older witches, see if they know anything...This is really unprecedented though.
Caroline-She could be really dangerous.
Stefan-With as powerful as she is, we have to consider that she is either working with Klaus or that he at least knows about her.
Elena-If he doesn't, he might come for her, try to make her evil. We should keep an eye on her, just in case...
Stefan-Well, it looks like Damon already is.

The group all turned and looked at Damon and I. I stared back for a moment before turning around and walking away, Damon following.

"You see Damon? They already think i'm evil. Despite the appearance you put out, I know you sympathize with where i'm coming from. They still think you're the bad guy, though you've been here just as long as Stefan."

"Sympathy...Not one of my characteristics. And I am the bad guy, despite what you may think." I laughed.

"Keep saying that, and you might actually believe it yourself. And as for your question...I came to you for help because you're the only one that can help and is willing. If you truly want to be the good guy in Elena's eyes, and I know you do, you'll help." Damon stood silent for a moment as the bell rang. The students around us all began rushing in the door, but we both stood still.

"How can I help you?"

"This isn't the place to discuss it. You'll be here this afternoon to pick me up?" He nodded. "Thank you Damon, you have no idea how much this means."

"You'd better be right." I pulled my hand out of my pocket and put it on his cheek, and he looked into my eyes.

"I hope so too. See you Damon." I withdrew my hand and walked inside the school building.


In one of my classes, history, was Stefan and Elena. I sat in the empty seat to Elena's left, and Stefan sat to her right.

"Elena, good to see you. Sorry about the way yesterday went. I was less than pleased to see Damon after so long." She smiled.


"You don't have to pretend, I know you think i'm evil. I could hear you this morning." She shrugged as the teacher came in.

His eyes scanned the classroom, bypassing most, and lingered on Stefan and Elena, before flitting my way.

"Okay, so you all know we're working on our partner projects of our various historical time period, so get to work. And no fooling around. New girl...Carrie, come up here please." I stood and went up to the teachers desk.

"Hey there teacher. Elena and Stefan give you the down low info yet?"

"There's no need for that. And yes, they did. With regard to your schoolwork, I don't expect you to turn in this project, because you've come halfway through the year. You can opt to do a paper instead, to get full credit."

"Sure, no problem. I'll have it in by this Friday." I went and sat back down, and got a weird look from Stefan. In a low voice that only he could hear, I whispered "Enjoying the view?"

"Wondering what you and Damon were talking about."

"You'll find out soon enough." I put my earbuds in and laid my head on my arms, closing my eyes. I attempted to rest through the rest of the period.

Most of my other classes went along at the same, boring pace. The only time I about did something was lunch, when i'd gone outside, and last period math. The teacher was doing a review, and called on me several times for 'tough' math questions. Probably because I was the best in my AP math class back home.

"What is the simplified version of (2 + 3i)(2 − 3i)?" I knew that without thinking about it.

"13." I'd done complex numbers back in 10th grade, it was nothing to me.

"What about (x + 1 + 3i)(x + 1 − 3i)?"

"x² + 2x + 10." The teacher begun calling on other students and I rested my head on my desk again.

After the end of the day, before I went outside, I stopped at my locker to put in the 2 textbooks i'd received. I'd pick them up permamantly when I brought my backpack tomorrow. As I shut my locker, two of the girls Elena was talking to earlier came over to me. Caroline and Bonnie were there names, I think.

"Hey there ladies. Come to check on me?"

"Elena and Stefan told us about you, and we saw you talking to Damon this morning."

"Well...Caroline, I appreciate that you noticed, but I must be going now. I have to meet someone soon to do somehting important." I turned to go and she grabbed my arm, but the other one, Bonnie, stopped her.

"Come on Caroline, she hasn't hurt anyone yet, there's no need for that. Carrie, we are just concerned about Elena and everyone else in this town, so we want to make sure nothing bad happens."

"Well, that's what i'm trying to do as well." They both looked at me oddly. "They obviously told you what I am, and that i'm dangerous. I'm trying to be less of a danger to the people of this town, which is why i'm meeting someone right now. He's going to help me." Caroline tilted her head.

"He? You mean...Damon?" I nodded. "But he's bad! He doesn't like to help people, he likes to ruin people! Isn't he also the one that changed you into a vampire?" I nodded again.

"But he'd also the only one that can help. He isn't afraid to hurt me or himself like most the rest of you are to get done what needs to be done." My face felt hot and I felt my blood pressure rising. I took a few deep breaths to calm myself. "I have to go now...Trust me, this is a good thing for all of us."

I walked past them out the door, and spotted Damon leaning on a blue '67 Camaro.

"Camaro, I like it. My favorite American Muscle is the Mustang though, sorry."

"Let's go, before my dull brother comes to try and ruin the party." I got in the passenger side and Damon drove away, and I could see Caroline staring at me in the reaeview mirror just before he took off.

He drove down a long, tree-lined road before approaching a large, old-fashioned looking house. I recognized it as his family home. I'd seen a picture of it before.

"Nice house."

Damon got out and I followed him to the door. Before inviting me inside, he turned to face me.

"I won't hesitate to kill you if something goes wrong, just know that. If you try anything either, anything at all, you're dead."

"Good to know. Gonna let me inside?" He stood back at started me up and down for a moment, pretending to deliberate. "Damon..."

"Come on in." I went inside and shut the big door behind me.

In the sitting room, just off to the side, Stefan was standing looking accusingly at Damon.

"Damon, why did you bring her here?"

"Don't worry little brother, I have it all under control. Carrie and I have some important business to attend to, now don't we?" I walked past Damon, heading for the stairs.

"Come on Damon, I would like to get this overwith." I saw Damon grin evilly at Stefan before sauntering up the stairs after me. "You are a filthy b@st@rd, I hope you know that. And why are you following me so closely? It's weird."

"You compelled me, remember?"

"Well, wait here. Where's your bedroom?" He pointed down the hall and I went in. It was nice.

I used his bathroom before leading him back downstairs to the sitting room. Stefan was gone by the time we got there.

I sat on the big leather couch and Damon went and poured himself a glass of liquor, and offered me one.

"Bourbon?" I shook my head, and he came and sat beside me. "So, how am I supposed to help with your mysterious needs?"

"Damon, I told you earlier about how I haven't had human blood or transformed in 2 years. I need you to help prevent me from transforming, or at least to find a place for me to go if I do."

"How can I 'prevent' you from transforming? I thought hybrids changed at their will."

"Usually, yes. But I've held it in for so long...When I get into too stressful or emotional of a situation, it gets really hard for me to keep from transforming. And with the added baggage of being a witch..."

"It's too hard to control." I looked into Damon's face, into the worried blue eyes shadowed his furrowed brow.

"Exactly. You'll be my...protector, of sorts. If you feel i'm about to transform, intervene. If you can't calm me down, just drag me off somewhere nobody will be. Think you can handle it?"

"Your protector...Do you have a place to go to, if you transform?" I shook my head. "We have room in the basement...You'd be locked in from the outside and injected with vervain, to weaken you." I winced slightly, and Damon took notice.

"Sounds...painful. I trust you'd let me out once I change back?" He nodded.

"Not that you couldn't just compel me to let you out...I do have a question about your transformation." I turned my head slightly. "What happens to your clothes? Will you strip beforehand, or need clothes brought to you..? I'd be happy to bring them to you, if that's the case." I glared at Damon and he chuckled. I took the glass of Bourbon out of his hand and gulped it, and grinned.

"Don't think i'll be that easy to get Damon. Don't forget that I do hate you. And I know about how much of a player you are, and who you love..." Damon grimaced, and my grin weakened. "I am sorry about that...I couldn't imagine being in that type of situation myself..." He waved it off.

"It's nothing to worry about. Elena loves Stefan, not me. And Stefan loves her back. I can just go on my own merry, lonely way." He stood and went back over to the liquor cabinet, and I sensed he wanted to be alone.

I stood and went out into the hallway, where Stefan had been standing, listening to our conversation. He nodded silently and went upstairs. He understood my situation, even if he didn't exactly like it.

By the door, I whispered "Goodbye Damon..." I closed the door gently and heard Damon cursing to himself.

Smiling, I put my hands in my pockets and ran down the road at vampire speed.

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