A Damon Salvatore Love Story

A Damon Salvatore Love Story

Damon Salvatore is the best vampire ever...Enough said...
Character Name:Carrie
Age:20, but was turned when she was 17
Blue/Green/Grey eyes, Honey-Blonde hair (w/emo bangs)

Chapter 27

Breaking Point

"What do you mean, it broke?" Stefan almost lost it when I told him the stone tablet was broken. I didn't tell him the real reason why, of course.

"Probably because we didn't put it in anything to protect it...It just broke apart. It's not that unusual for something that old, Stefan."

"I know...and I know it wasn't your fault, so don't think I'm mad at you...But now we have to find some other way to find out what it said. Could you do a séance?"

I shrugged. "I could try, but with how long Kenna's been dead, there's no guarantee...I'll do it later, I just feel...exhausted." Stefan nodded and moved out of the way, and Damon came to me next. He took my hands in his and I said "I'm sorry I let it get broken...We drove a long way to get it..."

"It's alright...I just hated that you had to ride back with him..." Damon glared in Klaus' direction, and when Klaus grinned and waved, Damon's frown only deepened. "Was he able to get anything from it before it crumbled?"

"Only something about the baby being really powerful...But I already guessed that...I'll tell you later if I get anything from the séance."

"What do you mean, later? Are you going somewhere?"

I nodded. "I want to go see Tyler. I haven't talked with him in awhile, and he's going to want to know what's going on."

"Come on, he doesn't need to know...And we just got back..."

"Damon...You know I sired Tyler, and he needs to know what's happening, because it will affect him too...And I won't be gone that long, I promise." Damon looked a little less bleak, and I guess it was safe to leave. "Mind having something ready for me to eat when I get back?"

"Would that be food or blood?"

I shrugged. "You decide."

I kissed him briefly, not missing that Klaus was still watching, and waited until Damon went inside to leave.

I skipped on the car, needing a good run after being cramped up in the car for so many hours. Plus I knew it would be much harder for anyone, particularly Klaus, to follow me if I was on foot.

I set off at a run through the trees, and when I felt the wind and leaves whipping at my face and body, I went faster. My long blonde hair blew straight out behind me and my long dress was blown up around my waist, and a happy laugh burst from behind my lips.

I laughed and giggled and smiled as I ran through the trees, feeling freer than I had in a long time. Not having to go anywhere or do anything or worry about anything...I missed that feeling.

But I did have to do something, and see someone. At my top speed it took only minutes to speed around the woods to Tyler's house, and his Barracuda in the driveway meant he was actually home.

I could tell that his mother wasn't home so I didn't bother knocking, instead going directly upstairs to his bedroom. Tyler was there getting dressed, and didn't notice my presence until I said "Hey there."

He spun, looking like he'd had a heart attack. "Goddâmmit...Do you have to do that?!" I laughed and shrugged. "What are you doing here? Weren't you on a trip somewhere?"

"We just got back...We found something there that I need to tell you about." He raised an eyebrow. "You know some witches can see into the future, right?"

Tyler nodded.

"Well, we went to my old house to find out something that an old witch, I mean really old, had seen about me...And it wasn't good."

"How bad is it?"

"Come here." Tyler came to me and I put my hands to his head, and let him see my memory of the tablet before I broke it. When I was done showing him I asked "You saw it?"

He nodded grimly. "And you and Klaus are the only ones that know..?" I nodded back. "That's probably the worse possible situation you could be in...Having a secret between just you two...You know Damon's going to think you're betraying him, even if everything turns out okay. Which, according to that, it probably won't."

"I know...but how can I tell him? Or anyone else, for that matter? I just found out from a millennial-old witch that my unborn son is going to rampage over the Earth and kill either his dad or Klaus, unless I kill him first...What the hêll would someone even say to that!?"

Tyler shrugged. "I guess you'll just have to tell Damon and find out what he says. You won't be able to keep it a secret long, anyway."

I raised an eyebrow. "And why not?"

"For one, you don't wanna do anything to keep yourself away from Damon, and that's what this secret will do. Second, if Klaus thinks it'll break you and Damon up, he'll tell him in a heartbeat." I gasped. "You didn't think of that did you?"

"No...Oh God, would he really do something like that?"

"It's Klaus we're talking about, of course he'd do that." I had to agree with him there. It did sound like something Klaus would do, especially since he'd promised to try to steal me away from Damon again.

I sighed and pathetically asked "What should I do?"

"I don't know, why're you asking me?" I resisted the urge to hit him. "Go home and talk to your fiancé and figure things out like you need to. I'll help however I can, but you need to tell Damon. Unless you want him to find out from Klaus."

I hated that Tyler was right. If Damon found out from me what the tablet said, he'd flip out and be immensely angry, but if he found out from Klaus...Even I didn't know how he would react.

I inhaled deeply and asked Tyler "If Damon calls, tell him I'm here, talking to your mom or something."

He asked "You're going to see Klaus right now, aren't you?" I nodded and he sighed. "I'll tell Damon something...but this is the only time. You know I love you as a sister, so I can't keep lying to my almost-brother-in-law like this. Even if he is a jerk and probably deserves it..."

"Thank you Tyler, really...I just need to make sure Klaus doesn't tell Damon anything. If I can figure this out without involving anyone else I will, but I obviously can't do that if Klaus goes blabbing."

"I know...Now go, before I change my mind about helping you." I pushed Tyler lighting and sped out of his house.

When I was a safe distance away I pulled out my phone and called Klaus, and he answered with a sultry "Hello, darling. What can I do for you on this fine day?"

"I need a ride from Tyler's house...and we need to talk."

"Oh, I can only wonder what you wish to talk about..." I heard Klaus chuckle and hung up.

I waited at the end of Tyler's driveway for a few minutes before Klaus drove, a grin plastered on his pearly face. I got in and said "Okay, before you go thinking something disgusting, know that I'm not here for anything bad."

"Oh, because keeping secrets from your wonderful Damon isn't considered 'bad'?" I glared and he chuckled, driving away from Tyler's house. "Come on, love, what do wish to tell me?"

"I want to tell you to keep your mouth shut about what we found out this morning." Klaus raised an eyebrow. "You cannot tell anyone, especially Damon."

"So we are still keeping secrets...Tell me love, just how long will you keep betraying your Damon? Betrayal is a sign of false feelings, you know."

"My feelings aren't false, and I'm not betraying anyone. I love Damon and I'm doing this to save him the trouble of having to murder his own child."

I clapped my hands over my mouth and Klaus smirked. "And the truth finally comes out...You are planning to kill the child, aren't you? And without telling Damon a single thing about it until after the deed is done?"

"And you're going to help me do it." Klaus didn't seem surprised. "Tell anyone what we're doing, and I can promise you won't see the light of day for the next millennium."

"Well, at least you would still be alive at the end of that thousand years, and that's good enough for me." I groaned.


"I couldn't do the seancé, I'm sorry..." Stefan nodded with a grim expression as I lied blatantly to his face. "I wish there was more I could do..."

He patted my shoulder. "It's okay, I knew it was a long-shot anyways...We'll try to find some other way to figure this situation out." I nodded and went past Stefan into the parlor.

Damon was there on the couch drinking, despite my pleas for him to stop. I sat beside him and asked, "So, how goes the destruction of your liver?"

"It's going fantastic...Why do you ask?"

"Because I asked you to stop drinking and you're so obviously ignoring me." Damon was quiet. "Is something bothering you?"

"Nope, nothing's wrong with me."

I wasn't convinced. "Even if I didn't have the power to tell you're lying, I asked if something was bothering you, not if something was wrong with you." Damon sat down his drink on the nearby table and stood, and I could tell immediately that this would be bad.

"What did you do after you left Tyler's house yesterday?" My eyes widened. Tyler hadn't ratted on me, had he?!


"Because I got a call form that half-breed mutt this morning saying that you left his house with Klaus. Mind explaining?" He had ratted me out!

I was exponentially more angry at what Damon had just said than at Tyler though, and I stood up in anger.

"Half-breed mutt? How could you call Tyler that!?"

"Because that's what he is!" Damon's face was red and I could smell the liquor on his breath, but I could also tell he wasn't lying. I guess alcohol really did bring out the truth.

"I made Tyler, so does that make me a half-breed mutt too? Is that really how you think of me Damon?"

"Well maybe I should, since you've been running around with Klaus behind my back."

My anger was boiling up within me and the entire house started to shake. Stefan came in the room and tried to pull me away, tried to calm me down, but it was no use. Damon had just said the one thing he shouldn't have.

The house, the estate, hêll, even the whole town, began to shake violently and pieces of wood and plaster began to crack and fall down around us. The floor of the Salvatore house cracked beneath my feet and pieces of the ceiling began to fall above our heads, and I could feel this earthquake extending to all corners of the city.

The Salvatore brothers looked good and afraid, and I said "If you really think so badly of me, then I'll show you just how bad I can really get."

I raised my hand and Stefan and Damon floated in the air before me, and I flinged them right through the front window. Broken glass glittered all over the porch and on the dirt beyond, making it look as if it was covered in a billion tiny jewels. I floated out of the front door and saw Stefan and Damon picking themselves up out of the dirt, and smiled.

"Thank you for showing me your true colors, Damon. Now I don't have to feel bad about what I'm about to do."

The Salvatores looked at me questioningly as I raised myself high above their home, and thrust my hand out and the entire thing burst into flames. I heard them shouting far below me and only cackled hysterically.

I floated back down to the glass-strewn ground when Klaus appeared between the Salvatores and asked "What the hêll happened here!?"

I touched down on the ground and said "I'm what happened here, dearie."

"What?" He turned to Damon and shouted "What the hêll did you do!?"

"What do you mean, what did I do?! I didn't do anything!"

I laughed as Stefan got into and said "He called her and Tyler half-breed mutts and accused Carrie of running around behind his back with you."

Damon started choking his brother and said "I'm going to kill you!"

Klaus tried to break them apart and I casually said "Well, if you three are plenty busy, I have some business to attend to concerning my evil hybrid spawn." Their fighting momentarily ceased as I began to speak the words of a spell. "Fes matos Vanex, On di mox, Fero Audio!"

I knew what I was doing was probably a stupid idea, especially considering what Kenna's prophecy had foreseen, but I was in no mood to care. In fact, I was welcoming it.


(Third Person PointOfView)

Carrie's mind slipped from consciousness was taken over by another. Carrie could still see, hear, and feel everything around her, but she allowed her son's spirit to freely take control of her body.

Damon, Stefan, and Klaus watched in wonder and horror, waiting to see some effect of the spell Carrie had uttered. When no apparent effects were visible, Klaus stepped forward and asked "Carrie..?"

Carrie's son spoke with her voice as if he had been speaking for an entire lifetime. "I'm rather sorry Niklaus, but my mother doesn't want to talk to any of you right now. She is listening, so feel free to speak your apologies, or I can always make you say them."

Klaus was confused, but upon hearing the word mother, Damon knew exactly who was in control of Carrie's body now. He stepped forward past his brother and Klaus, stopping only several feet away from the body of his beloved.

"That spell...Carrie gave you control of her body, didn't she?"

A smile appeared on Carrie's face. "Well, I didn't think you would be the first one to figure it out, but yes. Didn't think you'd see your own son in your wife's body, did you?" Klaus and Stefan caught up with the situation and both gasped.

Damon was far past astounded, but also had a load of fear weighing on him, and that kept his mind anchored on the situation. He asked his son "Why is Carrie burning down our house and giving you control? This isn't like her! Are you influencing her?!"

The son used Carrie's body to cackle hysterically, almost to the point when he was out of breath. "That...that is hilarious, father. Mother is doing exactly what she wants to do, and it just happens to be the same thing I want. You and my other father have been pulling her in every different direction since I came into the picture, and insulting our bloodline just pushed her over the edge. You can only blame yourself for what will happen."

"What do you mean, what will happen? What are you planning on doing with my wife's body?!"

"Just taking care of a few personal items...Bringing my family back from the dead, for example. It'll be pretty tough, and Mother may not survive, but I'll do my best to keep her heart beating. She has to be here for one of you, and to give birth to me, after all."

Carrie's son did not answer the questions that Damon and Klaus were hurling at him, instead using the teleportation spell Carrie had written to whisk he and his mother away from the burning remains of the Salvatore home.

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