A Damon Salvatore Love Story

A Damon Salvatore Love Story

Damon Salvatore is the best vampire ever...Enough said...
Character Name:Carrie
Age:20, but was turned when she was 17
Blue/Green/Grey eyes, Honey-Blonde hair (w/emo bangs)

Chapter 3


"Are you alright Carrie?" Aunt Jess looked at me worriedly as I rubbed under my eyes. I hadn't gotten much rest the last two days, because i'd been having nightmares. Of bloodbaths. My memories of being killed, but when the killer would drop my body, I would look weakly into the face and instead of Damon, it'd be...me.

I'd given up on sleeping after that one. Didn't help that I was paranoid I was going to transform.

At school, Elena and Stefan had 'formally' introduced me to the rest of their group. Caroline the vampire, Bonnie the witch, Tyler the werewolf, and Jeremy and Matt. And the teacher, Alaric Saltzman. They all seemed to be content with me and what I was, or at least hid their aversion well. I discovered I had classes with each of them. History with Stefan and Elena, Math with Jeremy and Tyler, C.A. with Matt and Bonnie, S.S. with Tyler, and no classes with Caroline except lunch. Everyone had lunch together.

Today was winding down, it was last period again, and i'd drifted my seat over by Jeremy and Tyler. I figured it'd be better if I stuck with the group, just in case anything happened.

Jeremy seemed okay with it, hesitant, but alright. Tyler didn't take it too badly either.

"Hey, it's hybrid-witch chick, come to sit with the boys. How exciting." I made a face and sat beside him. The way the desks were arranged, I was beside Tyler and across from Jeremy, and there was en empty desk to Jeremy's side.

"Now, now, no need to get all worked up. I'm just stickin with the group is all. Makes things kinda interesting, don't you think?" Jeremy chuckled.

"Just as long as you don't try to kill me, we're alright."

"Yeah, we wouldn't want anything bad to happen to Jeremy. Then i'd be stuck here with you all by myself." I raised an eyebrow at Tyler.

"Well, you won't have to worry about me killing anyone. Besides, Jeremy'd come back, wouldn't he?" Both their eyes went wide. "I know about the ring. I know a lot of stuff actually...about pretty much everything." Jeremy seemed interested immediately.

"Everything, huh? What about...ghosts?"

"Ghosts...When someone dies violently or cruelly, they may not want to pass on to the other side, especially if there is someone here that doesn't want them to go. The more someone wants them here...the more they'll be here. They usually aren't able to have contact with us, only watch, but if the pull is strong enough...You never know what might happen. Why do you ask?" He was silent for a moment.

"Just...wanted to know. Nobody seems to know about ghosts, so I figured you might." I nodded slowly, knowing he was lying. The way he asked the question and reacted to my answer...He had to be seeing a ghost, if not a few. Nobody else knew about it probably, which was why he denied it.

"Well, if we're done with all the ghost crap, let's get back to real life...And these math problems. Care to help, Carrie? You seemed good with them." I chuckled.

"If you need help, you don't have to be a jerk, you can just ask."

I spent the rest of the period helping them with their schoolwork. I'd breezed through mine, cheating just a little bit by using my vampire speed, and then helped Tyler and Jeremy. I noticed that Tyler needed just a bit more help then Jeremy. Probably had more on his plate, with the werewolf thing.

When the period was over, I waved bye to them both and headed to my locker, and dumped by bookbag inside before shutting it and leaving.

When I stepped outside, I saw that Damon was again waiting outside. I wlaked up to him and said "I didn't ask you to pick me up today."

"But you also said to keep a close watch on you. Just following orders." He gritted his teeth as he said this, and I could tell he hated it. "I'll take you home."

"Thank you." His face remained stoic as we got in the car and he drove away. We were both silent the entire drive.

At my house, my Aunt Jess was bent over the garden plots in front of the house, and appeared to be pulling weeds. As Damon pulled into the driveway and we got out, she stood up and brushed herself off, placing a cheerful smile on her face.

"Hey you two...I wasn't expecting Carrie to be driven home today...Do you do to the school as well Damon?" He supressed a laugh, and I couldn't help but smile.

"No, I...graduated some time ago."

"Yeah, Aunt Jess.." Damon smirked as he realized I was trying not to laugh. "He's 20. Right?" Damon nodded.

"Oh...Well, do you two want to come on in then? I put a stromboli in the oven a while ago, and should be about done." I raised an eyebrow.

"Did you make it, or buy it ready-for-the-oven?"

"Don't worry about it..." I laughed, and Aunt Jess hurried inside.

I turned to a smiling Damon and said "How's about it? She'll probably serve you beer and flirt endlessly, even though you're too young for her." He snickered.

"It'll be good entertainment. And hey, even I can't deny free alcohol." I led Damon inside to the living room, where we'd gotten the TV and things set up, and we sat on the couch that was across from the TV.

Aunt Jess brought a plate out to each of us and said "I'll be back with something to drink. A beer Damon?" He nodded with a smile and Aunt Jess blushed before returning to the kitchen.

"I told you there'd be alcohol. Jess' first stage of trying to capture a guy."

"This might actually be fun..." As she came back with a beer for Damon, she sat on the loveseat adjacent to the couch, on the side nearer to Damon.

"So, Damon...how is the food? Delicious, I hope?" He nodded and took a big bite out of his slice of stromboli.

"Wonderful. You are quite the talented cook, Jessica." She blushed and I supressed a giggle.

"Such a gentleman..."

They started with some boring, incessant chatter, and I tried to tune out as best as I could. I think Damon enjoyed it a bit, because everytime Aunt Jess would say some cutsie thing to him and i'd squirm, he'd grin.

About a half hour into the conversation, I stood and went out into the kicthen. I dumped my plate in the sink and leaned against the countertop, taking several deep breaths. My blood pressure had risen, and I had no idea why. I mean, annoying things would raise my blood pressure, especially what was going on out in the other room, but I knew Damon was faking it...Wasn't he?

Ugh, WHY did I even care?! I restrained myself from splitting the kitchen counter in two and took one final breath, and went back out into the living room. Aunt Jess was picking up her and Damon's plate, and Damon was nowhere to be seen.

"Where'd Damon go?" She shrugged.

"Said something about someone not wanting him away for too long...But he said he didn't have a girlfriend..."

"Don't worry, he doesn't. He's too much of a player for that." Aunt Jess looked at me oddly as I left the room.

As I went upstairs and reached my bedroom, a now very familiar scent filled my nose, and when I opened the door, Damon was lounging on my bed. I slammed my door shut as I walked in and he looked up at me.

"Jess said you'd left." He shrugged.

"I parked the car a block away and came back. She was beginning to annoy me a little."

"Hey, now you know how I feel every time I see you." I kicked my shoes off and turned on the stereo now sitting on my dresser, to drown out outside noises. The sound of Disturbed's Down With The Sickness began to drift from the speakers, and I smiled a little. "Pay attention Damon, this is good music. Carries quite the message, if you think about it."

"Please, enlighten me."

"Kinda reminds me of a certain time...like a couple years ago..Remember?" He sighed.

"And here, I thought you'd gotten over that.There's no use worrying about it, it's not like you can go back to the way things were."

"I wouldn't have to if it wasn't for you." I sat on my bed beside Damon, and pulled my sketchbook from it's place under my pillow. As I flipped through, I passed a sketch of a bloodstained Damon, and he grabbed it from me. "Damon..."

"I'm just looking, relax...It is quite the likeness, with the bloody eyes and mouth."

"Well, when you die violently you tend to remember the details." I snatched my sketchbook back from a silent Damon. I bit my lip and hesitated, then asked "How did you die?"

"I thought you knew everything." I raised an eyebrow. "I was shot...Stefan and I were shot while trying to save Katherine from being burned in a church fire in 1864. Our dad was quite the marksman."

"Your dad...He was quite the anti-vampire agent, I hear. And Katherine...evil-extraordinaire according to everyone i've met. She was the one that looked like Elena, wasn't she?" He nodded. "Your death really sucked...Might be just as bad as mine." He nodded again, silent. Odd for him. "Damon..."

When he looked up at me, his blue eyes were full of sadness, and his lips were turned down in a frown. He didn't like talking about these things, but still said them anyway.

"You don't like saying these things, yet you talk about them anyway...Why?" He shrugged, still looking into my eyes with his sad baby-blues. I knew he probably wanted to say some smart thing about how i'd compel him to tell me anyway, but he kept silent. Dammit, if only he would let me past his tough, indifferent exterior...

In my head, by brain was screaming at me to get away from him, to kick him out of my house, that he killed me and my parents, that I hate him with everything I have. But as we continued to stare into eachother's eyes, my heart gave a little squeeze.

Over at the window, the curtains shut themselves and my door locked itself, and the stereo turned to something...softer. Runaway Train by Soul Asylum.

I looked down at my hands, knowing my witch powers were at work. But I hadn't used them in so long...I guess my subconcious had decided to use them for me.

When I looked back up at Damon, he had scooted closer to me, and his body was now only inches from mine. Somewhere in my mind, I knew what was happening was probably wrong, was definitely wrong, but I didn't care. I was too in the moment, and the moment was just right. Even if it was Damon.

Damon put his hands on either side of my face and kissed me gently, as if testing my reaction. When I wrapped my arms around the back of his neck and pulled him closer, he kissed me harder, his tounge playing at my lips, as if teasing me.

I grabbed him by the seat of his pants and flipped him on his back, straddling above him. He grinned and pushed me down on the bed and settled atop me, putting lips on mine again. As he was kissing me, he literally ripped my hoodie and shirt off, and threw the shreds to the floor. I pulled back, faking shock.

"That was my favorite hoodie...You're gonna pay for that."

"I'd love to see you make me." I grinned.


"That hurt, you know." I smiled.

Damon and I were laying nude on my bed, our clothes and blankets in peices around us, the stereo still playing. It was playing Kid Rock now.

"Damon, it's meant to hurt." He was complaining about the scratches I left on his stomach, now almost healed. Revenge for biting and drinking blood from my chest. "Besides, you hurt me first."

"I'm a vampire, what do you expect? Blood is my thing." I shrugged.

I had expected my stress level to go up after this encounter, possibly to the point of me transforming, but strangely, I felt...calmer. More level-headed. The reason why eluded me completely.

"So, still hate me Carrie?"

"Yup. Right down to the core." Despite how cheerfully I tried to say it, there was a note of apprehension as I spoke. As if...I didn't really mean it. I tried to shake it off, but it stuck in my mind like glue. "So Mr.Big-Bad-Damon, will this be a one time thing, or will you be returning?" He was silent for a moment.

"A tough decision...Deal with a chick that wants to kill me, or continue going without s*x...I think i'll deal with the possibility of death." I laughed hysterically, and Damon smiled.

"I'm surprised Jess didn't hear us...Speaking of that, I should probably go check on her. Make sure nobody compelled her to do anything stupid." I shot a look at Damon, and he faked surprise.

"Me? Why, I would never do anything like that...That would be bad."

"Oh haha, very funny..." I got up and pulled a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt from my dresser and put them on. I picked up the remnants of my old clothes and hoodie and tossed them in a corner. I'd throw them away later.

On the floor by the end of the bed was Damon's things. Tattered peices of jeans, a ripped T-shirt, his shoes, and his leather jacket. I picked up the jacket and slipped it on. I pulled it up near my face and sniffed, and reveled in the fact that it smelled like Damon.

I dug a pair of dark jeans and a black T-shirt from one of my drawers and tossed them to Damon. "Here, this is something you would wear, right?"

"Oh, you know me so well." He got dressed and pulled his shoes on, and came over to me. I looked him up and down, loving the way the loose jeans hugged his hips and the T-shirt stretched over his muscles. "Mind if I get my jacket back?" I shook my head.

"Payment. You ripped my favorite hoodie, and i'll take this until I get a new one. I told you i'd make you pay." He smirked.

"Okay, i'll play along with this...Try not to ruin it. I've had that for years." I smiled.

"I know. Now, don't you have somewhere to go? It is getting mighty dark outside..."

"Eager for me to leave already? And here I was thinking you had a good time." I pushed him towards the window.

"Who says I didn't?" He grinned as I pushed him towards the window again.

He opened it and stole a quick kiss before ducking out. I watched him race up the block to where he'd parked his car, start it, and drive away. I shut the window slowly and laid down on my bed, leaving the mangled sheets as they were.

I'd wanted to tell Damon before we'd done it, but...he was my first. I pulled his leather jacket tightly around me, remembering my last night as a human.

/He put his arms around me, and kissed lightly up under the edge of my jaw, near the healing bite marks his teeth had left.

"Why won't you indulge me..."

"It's not my way...I've enjoyed the time though." He smiled, and put his hands on my shoulders.

"If you won't indulge me..." He sunk his teeth into my neck again, and I screamed out in pain. After he'd drunk his fill, he dropped me to the ground, where I gasped for breath. "Then you'll die like the others."

As I drew my last breath, I looked up into the evil blue eyes of Damon, his devilish smirk taunting, knowing I was dying, and could do nothing about it.../

He'd wanted to take my virginity that night, and had tried to convince me without compulsion. When i'd refused...He'd killed me.

I suppose I shouldn't have done what I just did, not only for the fact it wasn't a smart thing to do, but because of what Damon did to me before. I knew that if Elena or Stefan or anyone in their group found out, they'd probably be chewing me out for days.

And truth be told, I had major doubts about Damon, but I wasn't really worried about that now. Even before tonight, i'd had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. I didn't know if it was just this town, but I just knew something bad was going to happen.

It was only a matter of when.

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