Last Night

Last Night

Okay, yet another random idea. Harry Potter this time, though. I’m still not sure who the girl will end up with. So I’ll take a pole. Make a comment of who you think she should end up with. It can be any Harry Potter guy that already exists, except Draco. You’ll see why later in the story. It might get dirtier later on, but i don't know. So, yeah.... That’s it…. LAMAS!!!!!

Chapter 1

Prologue – Daughter

Knock knock knock came the three short, quick raps on the door of the home of Remus Lupin.
“Yes?” he said, opening the door. He was a good looking man, with gold-flecked green eyes, golden hair and battle scars.
“Mr. Lupin, may I come inside?” said the ancient Professor Albus Dumbledore.
“Of course, Professor.”
After Remus closed the door, and turned to the Professor, he noticed the small bundle in his arms.
“What’s that?”
“This is the reason I’m here. Remus, I have a great favor to ask of you.”
“What is it, Professor?”
“It is not a favor I’d ask of most men….”
“What is it?”
Dumbledore slowly unwrapped the bundle. Inside was a little one-year-old baby girl. She was beautiful, with her pale, flawless skin, perfect heart-shaped face, and abundant golden-red curls. She opened her almond shaped eyes, and Remus saw they were a deep, hypnotizing chocolate brown.
“She’s…amazing...” Remus said in awe. “What does she have to do with me?”
“I want you to care for her, to raise her as you own.”
Remus’ awe turned to anger.
“But, Professor! I can’t! I’m a werewolf! I don’t have any money! I can’t raise a child, let alone a girl!”
“Please, Remus. She has no family, no home, and no name.”
“Can’t you find someone else?”
“No. I can only entrust her to you. She is no ordinary witch.”
“She’s a witch? How can you tell?”
“I have my ways,” the Professor said mysterious. “Now, tell me Remus; will you take her?”
“Thank you. This girl has an amazing destiny, and she will need you to prepare her for it,” Dumbledore said, handing Remus the bundled baby girl and disappearing out the door.
“Amazing destiny, huh?” Remus mumbled to himself. “Hmm…you need a name, sweetheart. What do you think of…Rebecca? No, that won’t do…. Angelica? You are like an angel…but, no….” he continued like that until midnight, playing with different names for his new daughter. “The moon is beautiful tonight….” he muttered randomly. “That’s it!” he said, jumping up. “I know what I’ll name you; Selena. Selena Lupin, beautiful, don’t you think?”
He took the baby’s giggle as a sign of agreement.

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