A poem from the heart

You guys Rock!!! Thanks for taking the time to read!!! Srry its really long i just kinda poored all my feeling into this well at least some of them.

Chapter 1

how I truely feel

by: MrsBoddy
At first I wished you would like me and now you do but know I love you but dont wont to hurt you I dont wont you to have to live with a broken family and I dont want you to have to always comfort me I fill bad cause its like Im only hurting you I wish sometimes I could just tell you to go away but I love you to much but thats the more reason I should make you stay away my fear off you becoming someone else scares me I wish I could just run away from you and everyone else Im so tired of the pressure of the pain and the hurt I fill so weak for crying to you for comfort why cant I just hold it in for a whole lot longer Ive done it for this long so why cant I keep going just add on the pain and keep flowing with my emotions deeper then oceans my tears bigger then the fears of a child my love stronger then a heaven built cloud I love you I truely do I just really dont want to hurt you I wish I could just die but Im stuck here on this earth while time just ticks by why am I such a coward and loner I know my hearts in the right place but I just still cant see why you would love a girl that is like me Im clouded with the fear and struck by ones love Im just so suprised you didnt give up just like everyone else that I knew and loved you should really see my step-dad and mom are truely like they yell they scream they fight they argue they tear at eachother bit by bit till there's nothing left there then he drinks is that his way to wash away his pain well it only makes mine deeper my step-dad says he's always on my side but is he really truely?? Will my life forever be a tormented cell forced upon me making me fill like living h3ll you really wanna know why I cut I do it to take away the pain off my life I do it because I fill like crap always have to stay sain around people when inside ive gone crazy hiding all these fillings from everyone isnt that hard but I just cant stand it anymore "Hay anna come on smile be happy today please" Im getting tired of people saying that cause then I have to pretend that Im happy inside out. You wanna know another reason that I cut its probally cause my past if we get close enough then I can tell you all about it but you have to promise you will always treat me the same and too never tell a soul. Why do you love me why do you truely care and dont say its cause Im different those words dont mean a thing I wont to really know why you didnt go out with anyother girl at school most of them are prettier,smarter and talented too but you choose me....Why im not a good choose I dont wont to ruin your life cause everyone I love ends up getting hurt. I could remember the last day I saw my mema she was sitting on the bed at her house dieng from cancer I couldnt even look at her I wish I would have though see I try to ignore the bad things in life and when they get worse I try to hide the pain I didnt even cry at her funeral I waited 3 hours till we got home to cry see Im not good at showing people my emotions Im just so used to hiding them does that make me a bad person am I self-secluded I dont even know who I truely am anymore. But if you still stay by my side after this and show me to the light I will know you truely care but please dont try to hurt yourself on my account Im not worth the pain never have been and wont till my very last day.

Ps...... I made this as to my boyfriend but I want to know if its good before I let him see it so plllleaaasseee comment


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