I'm In Love a Vampire! Wait What?! Alec Volturi love story

This is an Alec Volturi love story. I posted this on quizilla but no one messaged me on it so imma see how it does on here. Please message me with any ideas or just with feedback on my story! It's very much appreciated. So with that being said on with the story!

Chapter 1

Characters and backgroung info!

by: Brooklee
Name: Brookelynn Shay or Brooke for short.
Attitude: She is sassy sometimes, does what she wants to when she wants to, she's a little wild. Loves to shop.
Age: 16
Race: Human
Eyes: A very bright blue almost a saphire color.
Hair: Long, waist lenght, brown hair with some natural blondish highlights.
Body: Perfect hour-glass shape.
Background- She has lived with her older sister Valerie since she was 11. Her mother died giving birth to her and her father died two years ago in a car crash. After he died she got sent to live with her sister.Brookelynn isn't really sorry about loosing her dad because he was never home anyways. She thinks she is never gonna find any one to love.
Name: Valerie Shay or Val for short.
Relation to Brooke: Sister
Attitude: Is very responsible, makes good money, stresses out easy, isn't as laid-back as Brookelynn. loves to shop.
Age: 25
Race: Human
Eyes: A bright green color.
Hair: Medium- long blonde hair.
Body: Curvy in all the right places. Hour-glass figure.
You should know the rest of the characters!

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