Crushing On You Was A Mistake ~A Love Story~

Misty; a simple girl wanting simple answers. Why was she abandoned as a child? It's a question she may never know the answer to. That is, until her 'parents' send her out to spend the summer at her grandparent's. The things she learns there will change her forever.

Chapter 1

Running Like The Wind

by: Jacers__
Fifteen Years Ago; Around Midnight

Awaking with a start, I heard the shushed click clacking of woman's heel as she tried to move silently around outside. Gently, I patted my boyfriend's arm but he just grumbled something only Heaven knows what and rolled over.
I let out a loud and annoyed sigh before I threw off the covers and grabbed the gun I kept in the bedside drawer.

When you live in the middle of no-where town you need ways to protect yourself, especially considering I usually sleep without my boyfriend beside me.
Slowly but surely I started to tip toe down the carpeted stairs which lead to the front door. I cursed constantly as the old stairs continued to creak and moan under my bare feet.
Flicking the safety latch off, I turned around the corner like they do in the movies and my breathe caught in my throat as a face suddenly appeared in the eye hole in the door.

I almost let out a scream but then saw this woman's terrified face. She had just put something down, it looked like a box, and then she was running like the wind away from here. She stumbled twice as she kicked off her red stiletto heels.
But curiosity got the best of me and I cautiously opened the door, my gun still tight in my clammy hands.
Although as soon as the wail hit my ears, I switched on the safety latch and put the gun in my pajama pockets.

I lifted the box lid and piercing dark eyes met my gaze while the tiny creature stopped it's horrible wailing.
Gently I picked up the child and held her close to me as I squinted to try and catch a sliver of a glimpse of the fleeting woman.
But when that failed, I turned my attention back to the silent child. She's beautiful with her dark brown eyes and head full of equally dark hair.

"Shoot..What am I supposed to do with you?"


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