Life is straightforward, but then love gets in the way (Harry Potter Love Story)

Life is straightforward, but then love gets in the way (Harry Potter Love Story)

Character Info:
name: Nikki Smith
age: 11
appearence: piercing green eyes, blonde hair down to your shoulders
Blood status: pure - you dont care about blood statuses though, you are a blood traitor in most eyes.
other information: unregistered anamagius, no one knows not even your parents.

(im not good at spelling or grammar so just try to ignore it)

Chapter 1

The Letter

"Nikki!" my mother called from downstairs, "Wake up!" I grunted in response as I slowly lifted yourself up. I brushed through my hair with my fingers in an attempt to get it to be straighter. It failed. I sat down at the table waiting for breakfast. A plate full of chocolate pancakes appeared in front of me. My favorite! My mother sat down in the chair across from me. I ate my pancakes quickly and once i was finished i asked my mom, "Ok you made my favorite breakfast, so whats the occasion?" When she makes my favorite breakfast it means either good news or bad news. "Well..." she started as she started pulling out a letter out of her pocket. She gave the letter to me. I almost screamed and ripped open the letter in excitement, but instead I opened the letter slowly and carefully. I pulled out the letter inside. I couldn't hold it back anymore, i screamed! I was accepted into Hogwarts! My mom hugged me, she was happy for me. "When are we going to get all the supplies?" I asked my mom once she was done hugging me. "We will go to Diagon Alley tomorrow," she responded. I couldnt wait! "Whats going on done hear?" my dad asked, my screaming most of woken him up. I handed him my letter and he pulled me into a bear hug. My mom joined in the hug also. After a few minutes of them hugging me, I couldnt take it anymore. "Mom, dad, i-i cant breathe." They let go of the hug and i took a deep breath to get oxygen into my body again. My parents laughed. I went upstairs and I began to pack, even though i didnt have any of my supplies yet i began packing clothes because i couldnt wait, it was still a month away though. I sighed once i realized this. It was going to be a long wait but it would be worth it i told myself.

We were all at Diagon alley, all i had left to get was a wand and a pet. We walked into Ollivanders. It took about five tries but i finally got the right wand, 11 inches phoenix feather wand. I dragged my parents to the pet store to get a pet. I got a grey owl with white specks on her stomach and bright yellow eyes. She was perfect. After she was bought we all went home and i began to pack everything, slowly and carefully making sure i didnt forget anything to pack. I wanted it all to be perfect when i got there. Nothing could ruin this for me anymore. I lied in bed with my eyes wide open, there is no way i could fall asleep when i wanted to go to hogwarts this badly. It was still a month away, a month full of sleepless i predicted. I looked at my ceiling, i need to paint my ceiling i thought. I rested my head and closed my eyes with the hope of sleeping... but that would never (yawn)... happen... i was just... to excited....zzzzzzz

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