Secrets and Sides Draco Malfoy Love Story

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Name: Rosaline Knight
House: Find Out in The Story
Hair: Long Auburn Curls
Eyes: Hazel
Status: Pureblood
DOB: February 14 :)

Chapter 1

First Impressions ALWAYS last.

"Bye Sweety, now remember, me and your dad love you no matter what house you get. So when you are being sorted, be yourself." Said My mom. "Yes darling" BEEEPP. That was the train's horn, so I bid my goodbyes to my parents and climbed onto the train. I went into an empty cabin and started to think about what house I wanted to be sorted into, maybe Gryffindor like my mom or Slytherin like my dad...Ravenclaw isn't so bad...but I'm not sure about Hufflepuff......."Hey have you seen my frog?" said a boy with black hair which have comb tracks on them and buck-teeth. "No, I'm sorry, I haven't, but don't worry I'll help you find your frog." I got up and started to go down the hall. I went into a cabin where there were two boys, one with jet black hair and the other with red hair, and a girl with brown puffy hair. "Have you seen a frog?" I asked "No we haven't" said the boy with the jet black hair and when he turned I saw the scar on his forehead- the same one that I have on my neck. "You must be Harry Potter...... I talked to them about school and how Hogwarts was different, then I went back to searching for the missing frog, when I walked out of the cabin I accidently bumped into someone "Hey watch where your going" Said a voice. It was Draco Malfoy. "Oh, its you, well I gave you enough time to think, so what did you decide?" " look Draco, I've known you forever, but you, me, you know I could never be friends with someone like you, so just stay away from me. Please" "Look, I know we just met last night, and I know that your on Potter's side- yeah I saw you sitting with them- But that doesn't mean you can't change, I will even help you," he said "what, oh like help me become a conceited b!t3h like you!, no thanks I'm good.""remember what happened last night, I could have told them you and your parents were at the party, but I didn't" Memories of the night before flooded back into me : Me nd my parents were going to a Deatheater Party as spies for professer Dumbledore, uninvited. "Now remeber sweety, don;t take off your mask, if you do every one will see your our daughter and our cover will be blown" whispered my mom as we walked up the front entrance of the Malfoy Mansion. "Okay mom, what do you want me to do" "just talk to the kids and find out what they know about Voldemort and the death eaters" said dad " But Voldemort is dead" "we know sweety" said mom we entered the party and I was seperated with my parents and told to go to the room next door. There was only a few families, so thats good i thought. When I walked inside, everyone was dancing, and I saw the most beautiful face I ever saw...... I walked over to his group and introduced myself as a daughter to Mercutio and Taylor Quinten, both death eaters. The boy, I learned his name was draco. After talking for a wwhile he asked me to dance, after danceing we went outside into his quiet and private garden, we talked about a lot, then he asked me to hangout with him and his friends in Hogwarts. I said I would think about it......
End of Flashback
"Come on, Rose, we've been looking all over for you" Said Hermoine. I left Draco standing there.
- In The Dining Hall about to get sorted-
"Knight, Rosaline" I walked up to the stage feeling confident because all I had to do was sit on the stool and let the Hat sort me. I wasn't nervous about getting into any house. "ahhhhh, Rosaline Knight, I wondered when the daughter of thhe first ever Slytherin and Gryffindor would show up at Hogwarts. You know sometimes I think your dad was to nice to be Slytherin, but anyways, brave and confident just like both your parents when they also sat on the stool, open minded, yet able to go on dangerous adventures.... Slytherin or Gryffindor, ahh, this is going to be hard...ummmm GRYFFINDOR!!!!!"

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