Child of Destiny(part 2)

Chapter 1

Old Memories and New Friends

You wake up and your head stills feels heavy as if someone or something is clouding your mind you sit up and look around and realize that your obviously in a room with windows but no bars and your all alone, but where is that crazy guy you think that he couldn’t have gone that far especially if he planned on keeping you prisoner. Only if I he planned to keep u and not kill u the moment he saw u. but why is keeping u its not like ur worth anything and ur family is not rich, but then your not going to find out as you think that you have to get out of here. Getting out of bed your about to go for the door when you hear someone turning the doorknob thinking quickly you hide behind the door thinking you’ll take that guy by surprise when the person closes the door you go to attack the person but are shocked when you see your best friend Luna who you lost contact with when she moved away when you were six, so to see her now completely odd to you. Luna, what are you doing here? She say quickly as you realize how much she has changed from the little brown haired tomboy that you had played with. Her hair is a soft brown but has red streaks in it making her look soft yet serious and yet her brown eyes seem to show her true self kind and caring. Umm I live here, and in fact ur in my room at the moment Luna says curiously, right you think as you get a good look around the room and you see the girly touches like the pale pink rug and matching curtains. Then you see a guitar case sitting up in the corner of the room, when did u start playing the guitar I thought your mom had u doing piano lessons. She smiled at you sitting down on the bed saying I dropped those lessons long ago and I convinced my mom to get me a guitar like avril lavigne when my mom took us to that concert you do remember, right? and odd feeling comes over you and your not sure what happening but you cant look away from her and you feel entranced by her as if you would do anything to make her happy.

Isis, are u okay? she looks at you concerned looks into your eyes and frowns looking away from you saying sry about , I forgot about my powers. powers? You say curiously, what are u talking about. Well, you remember my mother right she sighs as you sit down beside her, of course I do she was like the coolest mom ever she use to let us stay up late and baked us delicious cookies. Well, there was there reason she was like that, she is the goddess artemis that cant be possible I studied mythology as a college major and all information says artemis was chaste and virgin. Well that may be but when I was 6 my powers began to show when I began to get people to do things for me without trying and then she told me that she was goddess artemis and I would one take her place once I got old enough and then brought me here and begin teaching me to use the bow and arrow and began training me how to control my powers. What are ur powers? Well ,I have extra pheromones so I attract people without trying and im a natural with the bow and arrow and I help my mom take care of injured animals plus training and college. Wow, it sounds like u have a lot on ur plate, u don’t know the half of it she giggles. Where is here? You say questioningly, we are in my mom’s home which is located in Atlantis and don’t ask me how to get back to earth cuz I dnt exactly know that one myself. Your head is beginning to fill with questions, when ur stomach begins growling Luna smiles saying I guess if ur going to stay here we might as well feed u and ill introduce to the others that live here with us. Others? You say tilting your head, yea she continues as you follow her into the hallway, we have 3 guys and 1 other girl. Going to the first room she knocks on the door loudly yelling that she is coming in and that they had better be decent. Going into the room it looks like a typical guys room with pictures of girls around the room along with the strong scent of cologne. To what do I owe the pleasure of a visit form the lovely Luna, taking a good look at the boy who is speaking, you see he is totally hot. He is tall and muscled His hair is short and platinum blond with baby blue just like you but his eyes have shock of white lighting going through the middle, and his dazzling smile seems to bring his whole look together .can it lighting boy she growls at him, and if it you thought it weren’t possible he grins even more saying now now, Luna is that anyway to greet ur future leader? If u live that long she says shooting him a look of pure murder. Ignoring her last comment he turns to looking at u starting at your feet before working his way up to your eyes but not before letting his eyes linger for a moment on your ample chest . I was not aware such loveliness was staying with us, he says charmingly closing the distance between you and him as you look up at him. My name is Zane, son of thor at your service, he says tilting his head to you slightly holding out his hand to you.

What a typical guy you think as you place your hand in his saying, ahhh…Thor? As in the god of thunder son of ordin. Beautiful and smart, an interesting combination he whispers as he lifts your hand to his lips, seeming to capture your eyes with his, everything in this moment is so perfect. All the sudden he lets go of your hand rubbing his shin growling at Luna that totally uncalled for, whatever are you talking about? Luna says feigning innocence opening her brown eyes wide, you know exactly what u did u little…, Zane says angrily rubbing the spot where she kicked him. Come on Isis we got have other people to see, Luna says grabbing your hand pulling you toward the door, as you turned and grinned at him saying, we should talk later, of course he says as he winks at you cheekily before your dragged into the hallway.


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