Short Strange Beatles stories

Short Strange Beatles stories

ok. lets just say The Beatles weren't married or in any relationships and they had a buddy named Sadie. The year is 1964 and these are strange short stories about their fun times together. May be stupid or weird, but it's my story. so my rules!

Chapter 1

The Mirror

It was just an ordinary boring day when John, Paul, George, Ringo and Sadie were just at their house. ( the one from HELP!) They're all just sitting around. George was sitting on his carpet grass picking at it, Paul was just staring at his piano/organ trying to make a song but can't, John was just sitting in his floor bed, Ringo was just walking round his room area and Sadie was just lying down in the middle of the entire place and just trying to think of anything to do.

Sadie: sigh
none of them pay attention to her. so she sighs again. louder.
Paul: What's up?
S: nothing. just bored is all.
John: Me too! is there anything to do?
Ringo: we could go somewere...
P: can't. it's raining.
R: oh.
S: i have to go to the bathroom.
J: pouts
George: Oh john. it's okay. one day you'll be able to. one day.
S: I heard that Harrison! never gonna happen with ANY of ya!
P: You're hurting my feelings love.
S: You'll live!
They all burst out laughing
Then, (for some reason the bathroom floor is wet. ok?!) Sadie trips and falls.
Then John and Paul get up and run to the bathroom.
J: oh my goodness!!!! looks at mirror Did you do this?!?!?! Ah! runs at mirror and falls to the ground
P: Really John? she could be hurt!
J: Can't hear you Paul. i'm unconsious.
paul carries Sadie to the other room were the other 2 are and sets her down on his bed
G: What happened?! is she okay?
P: yea. i think she'll be okay. she's breathing so just let her sleep.
R: ....were's John?
P: passed out in the bathroom after having a fight with himself in the mirror.
G: ....serious fight huh?
P: yeah. sure.
J: HELP! im having a fight with 4 others!
the 3 other guys get up and go to the bathroom.
P: john really?
J: okay. look at the mirror. 4 guys. allright, one of em must've hurt Sadie. Paul you take Paul, George you take George, Ringo you take Ringo and I'll take that weird one in the middle John.
hits mirror and breaks it
P: .......John, have you ever grown up?...
J: not that i know of.....
then Paul George and Ringo give him a strange look.
S:....*groans...o gosh do i fe-....uhhh.....What happened here?!
P,G,&R: Don't ask!

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