I'd Lie (A Nick Jonas Arranged Marriage Love Story)

I'd Lie (A Nick Jonas Arranged Marriage Love Story)

So, this is my new story. I decided to put it on Quibblo.com so enjoy it and tell me what you think! :)
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Chapter 1


Nick Jonas was the best friend she could ever want. He was the one to go to whenever she needed something. He was the one that would rather die than see her cry. Now, he's the one that won't help her and would rather watch her die than cry himself. Maddie Uhler is a normal country girl trying to live a normal life after her best friend leaves and turns to the bad boy side of fame. Follow her story of her past childhood, her present with her new love, and the announcement that will break the love apart and bring a new. This is..... "I'd Lie"


This story will be taking place in the Jonas Brothers home town of Wyckoff, New Jersey.


Madeline Lane Uhler (Portrayed by Emma Watson)

15 years old

Also called Maddie, Mads, Mudd, Magoo, Dumb Dog, Country Girl, Uhler and Chick

Sporty, shy, sensitive, aggressive in sports, competitive in sports, determinded, music lover, kind, smart dependin on the subject, loves her friends and family, loyal, sometimes alittle too caring, trustworthy, athlete, loves getting down and dirty but I can be a "girl", hate seeingfriends and familyupset and will do anything in my power to help them, when it comes to someone she likes, she is very shy at first but when she gets to know them and they her she can be flirty but not too flirty, is emotional (not bipolar) when it comes to heartbreak, worrier, soft heart (can easily be broken)

Hobbies are listening to music, soccer, basketball, writing stories and songs, singing, dancing how she wants to, hanging out with friends and family , sometimes likes being alone

Currently dating Hutch Dano


Nicholas Jerry Jonas (Portrayed by Nick Jonas)

18 years old

Also called (Then) Nick, Nicky, Mr. President, The "Smart One" (Now) Nick, Bad Boy

(Then) Shy, sensitive, sweet, funny, music lover, competitive, loves his, fans, family and friends (Now) Bossy, rude, only cares about himself, the money and the fame

Hobbies are (Then) singing, playing guitar, drums and piano/keyboard, acting, listening to music, writing songs, hanging out with friends and family (Now) singing, playing guitar, drums and piano, acting, listening to music

Currently dating Miley Cyrus


Additional Characters

Joe Jonas (Nick, Kevin and Frankie's 22 year-old brother)

Kevin Jonas (Nick, Joe and Frankie's 24 year-old brother)

Kelsey Koppenhaver (Joe's wife and Maddie's 20 year-old friend)

Danielle Deleasa (Kevin's 24 year-old wife)

Hutch Dano (Maddie's 18 year-old boyfriend)

Miley Cyrus (Nick's 18 year-old girlfriend)

Sara Feidt (Maddie's 17 year-old cousin)

Frankie Jonas (Nick, Joe and Kevin's 11 year-old brother)

Alex Uhler (Maddie's 14 year-old brother)

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