I'd Lie (A Nick Jonas Arranged Marriage Love Story)

I'd Lie (A Nick Jonas Arranged Marriage Love Story)

So, this is my new story. I decided to put it on Quibblo.com so enjoy it and tell me what you think! :)
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Chapter 22

I'd Lie Beacause I Need A Patronus

After an arguement on how I shouldn't have been alone with a guy for three days, I got a shower and crawled into my bed; Sara on the floor. Not wanting to talk anymore about the marriage, I tured on "A Cinderella Story", turning my back to the TV.

My phone vibrated loudly on my bench, telling me I had a new message. I opened it up, seeing "<3 Hutch <3" written in the text, with a picture of me and him laying together.

Clicking "Open", I heard "Me With You" by Jennette McCurdy play.

"What's that?" Sara turned as I hit the "stop" button.

"Hutch text me," I gulped.

Leaving it at that, she turned around just in time to see Dan Byrd, as Carter, jumping over the railing.

I looked back at my phone, reading the text.

"No matter what happens, Nick will never replace me because he hasn't seen "me with you", or you with me, for that matter. Smile for me. I love you forever, Madeline Lane Uhler <3"

I sniffled, feeling tears form in my eyes. This might be the last love text I ever get from him.

"Wake up, Mabbie!" Sara yells.

"Go," I mumble.

"Wake up!" she yells louder.

"Fine," I grumble, sitting up.

"About time. Go get dressed."

"Why?" I ask, scratching my head.

"We have to go over to the Jonas's," she answers, looking down.

My eyes widen at the words. "Sara, no. No, Sara, no!" I scream, grabbing her arm, begging, almost crying, her not to let me go.

"I'm sorry, Maddie," she whispers, "but I can't help you with this one."

I walked slowly across the street, Sara to my right, holding my hand. We reached the door. It opened slowly with a I'm-sorry-to-see-you-heartbroken Kevin and Joe standing by. I walked in, acting as if I was in a court house, ready to hear my death sentence.

"We're all in the living room," Joe spoke quietly.

"We're so sorry," Kevin solemly spoke, chocking on tears.

I nodded, chocking back my own tears that clouded my vision. I squeezed Sara's hand tighter.

Breath, I reminded myself. Breath.

Slowly, we walked into the living room I collapsed on the first chair in sight. Nick was across
the room, talking to Miley. I thought I saw his lips read something like I'm done, but I wasn't sure.

"Nicholas," Denise spoke.

"Madeline," my mom spoke.

"We can't do anything about this, so you're getting married."

No one spoke. Heads were hung in disappointment and shame. I did love Nick, but I just
couldn't do this. I loved Hutch, too.

I stood, letting Sara's hand go. She looked up at me, but I just smiled reassuringly. I walked to the door, hearing it creak open. One last look at the painful faces of the one's I loved and I stepped out.

I slid my thumbs into the back pockets of my light blue jeans. My black basketball shirt got hot as the sun hit it. My Adidas flip-flops made little puff sounds as I walked. I saw the flashing cameras. I knew the questions would come running at me, like a Patronus chasing away dementors. Only, this time, I was the dementor, wanting to us the kiss on them.

"Maddie, are you and Nick getting married!?"

"When's the date!?"

"Do you love Nick!?"

"No," I answered the last question with a lie quietly, but clear enough for the reporters to catch it.

I walked back to my house, passing it to go toward the woods. I need out of my life and into another. I took my iPod out. What do you know, it's I'd Lie.

"And if you asked me if I loved him, I'd lie!" I screamed into the hallow of woods, letting my tears fall down my face. I need a Patronus to chase my tears away.

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