I'd Lie (A Nick Jonas Arranged Marriage Love Story)

I'd Lie (A Nick Jonas Arranged Marriage Love Story)

So, this is my new story. I decided to put it on Quibblo.com so enjoy it and tell me what you think! :)
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Chapter 3

You Would Think.....

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"Laughing loud on a carnival ride. Yeah. Driving around on a Saturday night. You made fun of me for singing my song. Got a hotel room just to turn you on. You said pick me up at three a.m. You're fightin' with your mom again. And I'd go, I'd go, I'd go somewhere with you."

My phone sang out Kenny Chesney's voice, but every day I heard it, it sounded like his. It's 8 o'clock A.M. on August 25th. Three years after the day that my shy, sensitive and sweet Nicholas Jerry Jonas left me.

I sighed.

And in two months will be the day that he changed.

"Maddie," my mom yelled "are you up yet!?"

"Yeah!" I replied.

And here my mom came, hair wet from coming out of the shower, into my room. "Get dressed."

"Why?" I responded.

"Nick is coming home!" she smiled. Shoot!

I faked a smile. "Awesome!"

She looked at me then said, "So, get dressed. I want you ready before I leave."

"Okay," I sighed.

"Ugh!" I said as my mom left and flopped back on my bed.

You probably think that I still have feelings for Nick, huh? Well, no. Not really. I just miss him.
The old Nick. I've moved on.

I heard my phone vibrate and opened it, smiling at the name that had appeared. "Good morning, Beautiful!" I read with a smiley face and a heart.

Hutch, you dork, I thought. I responded with a "Hey. Can you come over in about 30 minutes?"

"Yeah. Sure. What's wrong?" he replied fast.

"I need you to help me figure out what to wear." That was normal for me to text him. When meeting his family, I asked for his opinion. When meeting his friends, I made him sit in my room until he picked out a pair of shorts or pants for me to wear.

"Okay. Be there soon. Bye, Beautiful!" I got in response with a winky face.

"Bye!" I texted back with a smiley.

I sat my phone down and walked to the bathroom to get a shower, taking a change of clothes. I wonder if Alex has to go.

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