Jacob and Nessie

Okay, this is a group story with me and scorn writing it.It's a fan-fic of twilight, so I recomend to read it if you have read twilight(or not)and like it(or notXD)Enjoy!!!

~~~~~We will be sending inventations out to when we complete a chapter~~~~~

Chapter 1

Shouldn't Mix

This is Renesmee Carlie Cullen, A.K.A, Nessie or even shorter, Ness. I live with my mother and father and Jake. Well, not technically live with Jake, but I am around him 24/7, so pretty much. Jake is my werewolf. I wouldn't be here without him. Literally. My mom said he was the only thing holding her there when she was having me. That, my mother had said, wasn't supposed to be thought about when-whoops, too late. Note to self, practice controlling thoughts around dad. See, Edward is a nice guy, he really is, but when it comes to Jacob and screwing up, it always seems like that was his last chance, and then he suddenly realizes I love him, so he doesn't do anything about it. Crap, Another screw up for Nessie carlie Cullen. How many does that make now, like, 4120? Anyways, something all of my family seems to agree on is that werewolves and half vampires shouldn't mix. Even I know that deep down inside. And if it were any other werewolf I was dating, i probably wouldn't feel this way. But the fact that Jacob loves me for infinety, and no matter what happenes between us he'll always love me, makes it bearable, and we would do anything for the other, no mater what the cost.

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