Ok, fellow Quibblonians. I’ve got myself a problem. Or maybe it’s not, I don’t know, but please read below and give me your opinion. Thanks!! :)

Chapter 1

Moving to D.C.??

Ok, my mom works in the National Guard (a part of the army, in case you didn’t know) and has the opportunity to move to Washington D.C. for a year for her job. (She won’t lose her current job if she doesn’t go) She has to turn in her application by this Wednesday, and she may or may not get chosen, so nothing is set in stone. The thing is, she doesn’t want to go alone, so she told me she won’t likely go unless I come with her. I would love to move to Washington D.C. and out of my small town, I love big cities. And my mom knows that, and even said she wouldn’t even consider the job if it wasn’t for me.
But then comes in the nerves about leaving. I may not love my town, but I do love my friends. And moving to D.C. would mean being the new kid, which is hard enough. And if I do love D.C. and all the people in it, I would just have to leave a year later anyway, and then come back and face high school back in my town. Not to mention, I would miss my kitties and my dad, who would have to stay back in Michigan for his job. :( And my brother may or may not go with us. And even though he’s a twerp and a dork, I’ll probably miss him a lot. :(
But still the fact remains, it might be really amazing. I might even get to go to a charter school that specializes in writing. I might meet a bunch of awesome people. Who knows, I might even aspire to become a politician because it’s so amazing there.
And so I ask you, dear Quibblo friends, should I stay or should I go? What do you think? Would you? All thoughts, comments and opinions would be appreciated!! :)
Thanks so much!!


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